Chick Wars - An erotic turn-based card battle game (Adult Game Review)

Chick Wars - An erotic turn-based card battle game (Adult Game Review)

From the perverted minds of the developers at the Hooligapps game studio, here's yet another highly popular adult game - Cunt Wars, listed as Chick Wars on the Nutaku website, is a turn-based, strategic combat game where you need to carefully manage your squad of spicy cuties and come up with smart strategies in order to win all the battles against evil monsters.

While the Hooligapps studio has been developing some excellent erotic video game titles since 2012, from puzzle games like Pussy Saga to even hidden object-style games like Lust Case, however, one of my personal favorite games on their list has got to be this spicy turn based card game from 2018.

And it seems I'm not the only fan of this erotic card game, as even after two years after its release, there are still currently 3.500.000+ active players... Not bad for what most people would consider a piece of smut!

chick wars aka cunt wars adult game review

Got you curious now? That's what I thought! Well, read on and find out what Chick Wars is all about and what this game has to offer!

Quality Porn Games

For the longest time, there was this amazing concept of porn gaming, yet the solutions weren't all that great. Those who enjoyed this type of entertainment had to make do with poorly done titles featuring uninspiring gameplay and average adult drawings or animations. Luckily for us all, a lot has changed in recent years as the amount of adult game developers started growing, and so did the overall quality of these adult titles.

People realized just how stunning the combination of video gaming with pornography could be. Technology advanced far enough to make creation more accessible, and plenty of dirty-minded people jumped at the opportunity. The results? Fap-tastic games like Chick Wars!

Gameplay and Visuals

There are multiple reasons why people play video games. Some do it for the plot and storyline, others find good graphics enjoyable, the majority goes for a specific type of gameplay.

chick wars aka cunt wars adult game review b

Porn games usually cut corners on most of those because, after all, people play them for dirty action. But that's definitely not the case with Chick Wars over here, as the gameplay is just as good as the striking graphics and the sexy artwork.

chick wars aka cunt wars adult game review

Chick Wars comes with all the features you'd expect from a properly developed card battle title, and offers a similar quality to the popular card battling video games the world of mainstream gaming has to offer. But of course, those stunning visuals of beautiful babes stripping naked or having a steaming hot orgy, are missing in those mainstream card battle games, which makes games like this one right here even more exciting to play.

Chick Wars offers a ton of different types of arousing girls

If you've ever played any of the adult releases by the Hooligapps studio, you're probably already familiar with their unique comic-style (cartoonish) artwork and graphics, unlike many other porn games, which often seem to go with that same Hentai-look over and over again.

However in Chick Wars, "they" decided to mix multiple art styles together, as the player not only gets to enjoy sexy girls in comic drawning style on the cards itself, but they also mix in stunning bare naked Hentai chicks and even Chibi-based sprites on the "battlefield".

From the menu and level design to characters, as well as the spicy sex sequences you'll get to enjoy while progressing in the game, overall, all the visuals are pretty damn sweet.

chick wars aka cunt wars adult game review

There are a ton of characters in the game, and the vast majority of those, surprisingly... Are hot babes! Not really, I mean, what did you expect from a game that's available on the Nutaku website, right? With that in mind, it's amazing to see how every girl is different from others.

They all come with their own unique looks and personalities. As a result, you'll never get bored while trying to get it on with the next hottie. And as far as variety goes, there's everything from blondes, brunettes, and redheads to green-haired catgirls, android cuties, elves, sexy demons, cute witches, and many more. Regardless of your tastes and preferences, you'll have a blast making a harem out of them and fucking their brains out.

That being said, let's not forget about the main protagonist of the game, which is a guy named Adam.

The man with a heart dick of gold (that must protect his harem)

The main protagonist of the game? That'll be Adam, who's not just the leader of the magical kingdom known as Pangea, but also the man that has a golden penis... Wow! Try and compete with that in "real life".

chick wars aka cunt wars adult game review a

You as the player, take on the role of Adam. Your main duty as leader is to take care of your harem of stunning, beautiful and arousing girls by offering them protection with your almighty "sword" and to satisfy their sexual desires.

chick wars aka cunt wars adult game review c

That doesn't really sound like an awful job, right? Well, you think you are up for the task? Think you can keep these horny girls safe from the dangers of Pangea? Let's put your battling strategy skills up to the test! Oh, and don't forget to make sure your harem gets satisfied too (in terms of sex, that is).

Develop your combat strategy skills and grow your harem

In order to do so, you'll need to harness your heroines' unique and special abilities to make your striking attacks as powerful as possible and to formulate a winning strategy to defeat all the powerful villains. The more enemies you conquer, the more you'll get to spend on items such as gifts for one of your many girls, or by upgrading their abilities and special attacks.

You can even buy yourself some brand new additions to your harem, or to quote the game; "Get new bitches at a reasonable price"... Now that's my kind of market!

chick wars aka cunt wars adult game review

Don't worry in case you don't have much experience with card based strategy games, the learning curve on this game is just about perfect, starting out really easy, allowing the player to get to know every aspect of the combat tactics he needs to know to get started. Slowly, the difficulty rate will increase, offering a challenging gameplay for both beginners and more advance strategy-gamers.

So even if the last card game you've played was Pokémon, probably around two decades ago, even you should have no problem "mastering" the Chick Wars game mechanics and rescuing all the lovely ladies you'll come across on your path while wandering through this magical kingdom.

chick wars aka cunt wars adult game review b

The gameplay makes the whole process easier. At no point playing the game feels like a chore. Going through the levels, exploring different worlds (locations), growing your harem and defeating your opponents is fun, exciting, and challenging.

The whole process gets so captivating that you'll often find yourself forgetting it's an adult game. And just when you're all sucked in thanks to the fantastic gameplay mechanics, that's when you'll end up getting surprised again with the steamiest, sloppiest blowjob from a dashing cutie, a naughty one-on-one dicking, a hardcore threesome, and much more.

There's a lot of wild sex scenes to uncover, a lot of them involving group sex with some of the soaking wet & horny chicks you've been collecting!

A kinky and never-ending adventure

There's much more to Cunt Wars than first meets the eye. On the surface, you defeat opposing teams in turn-based combat and then collect all sorts of hentai lassies who exist solely to fulfill your perverted needs.

What starts off with a raunchy dirty talk usually ends with you being balls deep in one or more of these ladies. Some girls are even naughtier than you and you'll be surprised by just how much. However, that's far from all there is to it.

chick wars aka cunt wars adult game review

Most games you get to finish at one point and then forget about unless they were particularly interesting and deserving of a replay. Chick Wars, on the other hand, continuously adds more content to keep your favorite game a neverending adult experience.

chick wars aka cunt wars adult game review

So, just when you think you've gone through all of the levels, the developers are likely to add more to the table. What's even more important is that they are constantly adding new sex scenes and limited time events where all kinds of dirty stuff happen. Now who doesn't enjoy fresh new content every once and a while, right?

Chick Wars is available in multiple languages

Prefer playing games in your own local language? In that case you'd might be lucky as this game is available in the following languages; English, German, French and even Japanese.

chick wars aka cunt wars adult game review

This addictive, sexy and exciting (turn based) erotic card game is entirely free to play at the Nutaku website, and is available on PC and iOS or Android devices.

Final Conclusion

Chick Wars offers the total package - mixing great gameplay mechanics with hot, horny and unique visuals (which the developers are known for).

Fun Factor
Sexy Characters
Sex Scenes & Visuals

Ready for a brand new and wild adventure filled with group sex featuring all sorts of sexy female creatures? Not to mention the fantastic combat action! It's time for you to start playing the free adult game - Chick Wars!

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Oct 30, 2020

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