The Leisure Suit Larry adult mobile game (you've never played, but should)

The Leisure Suit Larry adult mobile game (you've never played, but should)

Larry Laffer, the legend responsible for the most succesful (adult) adventure game series in history. Even after 2 decades, Larry still manages to grab gamers by their balls with his fun, spicy adventures and his sense of humour in the many titles released in the Leisure Suit Larry game franchise over the years.

Larry is the kind of dork which we secretly identify with a lot more than we might like to admit, which might also explain why the star of the Leisure Suit Larry game series – Larry Laffer – has been adored by fans all over the globe, for over two decades.

You might think that you've finished all the Leisure Suit Larry games from start to finish, all the titles both from the past and the present... But are you really 100% sure you've played them all?

What about Larry Laffer's mobile game from 2007? I bet you haven't finished that one yet!

Leisure Suit Larry introduced adventure gaming to an adult audience

While the late 80s and 90s were considered the glory days for (point-and-click) adventure games, as many of the classics were released during those years (most of which by Sierra). Think of classic adventure games such as Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Duck Man, all the way up to the Sam & Max series.

However, there was one adventure videogame franchise called "Leisure Suit Larry", which was something entirely different, which felt unique and special. Almost like an entire new genre of its own. Also, of course, introduced the world to the likeable character Larry Laffer and his disco outfit, as well as all the bombshells he meets along the way.

The Leisure Suit Larry game(s) stood out from the crowd due to its spicy content, mature themes, sexy women, sleazy comedy and vibes, and was targeting an adult audience. Oh, and let's not forget about all those "happy endings".

Over 15 different episodes in the series were released. Starting with Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards back in 1987, all the way up to last year's Wet Dreams Don't Dry Twice (2020).

In case you are interested, we've covered them all in our list of Leisure Suit Larry games... At least, we thought we've included them all, that is.

Today, we'll forget about all those spicy and classic PC games for a minute and instead, we'll put our focus on mobile gaming (during the early days).

Let me introduce you to Love for Sail, the stand-alone mobile game, the Leisure Suit Larry title which time forgot.

the leisure suit larry adult mobile game love for sail jme java

The game was released on June 1 of 2007 and was developed by Mighty Troglodytes. Vivendi Games distributed the game.

There's even more good news! You'll even be able to play this hidden Leisure Suit Larry game on your Windows PC using a free Java Emulator, which we will explain, step by step, at the end of this article (download links included).

The forgotten mobile version of Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail (2007)

We've thought we had covered all the Leisure Suit Larry games, however, it turns out that a full-blown adult adventure game on mobile was released back in 2007 as well, one that managed to stay under the radar among many gamers, gaming website in general and even seems missing in most online videogame databases.

What would be the reason a stand-alone game of such a widely known, beloved, and long-running game series ended up almost completely unnoticed?

The fact that this mobile game was released during an era in which the mobile gaming market wasn't anywhere near as big yet as in the current day and age, might have played a large role.

Another factor which likely also didn't help is the game's title, while the 2007 mobile game "Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail" features its own original story and is an entirely unique game on its own, it does share the exact same title as the PC release from 1996, which might suggest that those two Leisure Suit Larry games were somehow related, but they aren't!

the leisure suit larry adult mobile game love for sail jme java pc version

Unlike the title of the game might suggest, this mobile version isn't just some a port of the PC CD-Rom release with the same title, in fact, far from it!

The 2007 "Love for Sail" release for mobile phones introduces a completely new storyline, goes back to its roots with its awesome pixel art style graphics and overall, provides the player with a solid two to three hour long adventure game, treating the player on plenty of lewd content, puzzles to solve, items to recover and like usual, players can expect to giggle a few times thanks to Larry's infamous bad taste in humour.

the leisure suit larry adult mobile game love for sail jme java

Since the game takes place at the beach, you can expect Larry Laffer to try his luck on plenty of bikini babes too, not to mention Pam, the sizzling hot, busty blonde lifeguard (which seems to remind me a lot of Pamela Anderson in the role of CJ Parker during her days on Baywatch).

A character named Pam who happens to be wearing a tight and sexy red swimsuit, has long blonde hair, big knockers, and has a job as a lifeguard at the beach, I think it's pretty obvious were the team behind the game got their inspiration from. ;)

Watch Pamela Sex Scenes

Hold on a minute...

Does that mean that this other lifeguard character actually is the man, the myth, the legend, aka The Hoff? Man, this game keeps on getting better and better... David freakin' Hasselhoff!

the leisure suit larry adult mobile game love for sail jme java david hasselhoff

Oh, there's also another character in this game who reminded me of a celebrity. This blonde character appears to enjoy tanning topless in the sun and happens to look suspiciously a lot like celebrity Paris Hilton.

That being said, the player could provide Larry with some help on choosing which pick up lines he should apply to impress the ladies though. You see, Larry Laffer likes to act a bit clumsy whenever there is some attractive female around. Even more so in cases where Larry gets distracted by the size of a girl's coconuts.

Larry Laffer does Dallas Nokia

With the release of the PC CD-Rom version of Love for Sail, the Leisure Suit Larry game series evolved from its original pixel art origins to adopting a more modern 2D cartoon style of visual appearance. Basically, the series just did a 360° in terms of graphics.

the leisure suit larry adult mobile game love for sail pc version screenshots

While the change in art direction of the PC version felt refreshing at the time, I must admit, seeing another original Leisure Suit Larry game returning to its roots by using pixel art graphics again, does make me feel quite nostalgic.

The pixel art probably also is a good reason that makes this mobile game a "must play" for everybody who used to enjoy playing the first few entries in the Leisure Suit Larry franchise or has a soft spot for retro games in general.

the leisure suit larry adult mobile game love for sail jme java

Since the game was released on mobile in the year 2007, the developers also didn't have much options besides pixel art sprites anyway due to the hardware limitations of mobile phones at that time.

Meaning, the pixel art in Love for Sail (mobile) wasn't an artistic choice, nor chosen for the sake of nostalgia, instead, the developers used pixel art because it was necessary. In my opinion, that eventually ended up being a good thing.

That's right kids, in the year 2007, gaming on Android or iPhone wasn't even a thing yet. Nokia, Sony Ericsson and later Blackberry could be added to the list of mobile phone brands which were considered "the shit" back then.

Imagine Nokia being considered a "cool" brand. Times sure have changed! But hey, they were amongst the early pioneers of mobile gaming, gotta give 'em credits for that.

The early days of (adult) mobile gaming

Gaming on mobile wasn't any where near as popular as what the mobile app market has become today. In fact, there weren't even app stores yet. However, that doesn't say much about the quality of this game though... far from it!

Unlike the large majority of half-baked, crappy titles available to play on Nokia devices, the Leisure Suit Larry Nokia game on the other hand, is actually pretty damn good! A hidden gem? I would say so – yes! Definitely one that will satisfy the fans of this series.

the leisure suit larry adult mobile game love for sail jme java early mobile gaming

Enough with the nostalgic vibes, time to join Larry Laffer on another one of his wild quests.

Let's check out Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail, the 2007 mobile version. That one Leisure Suit Larry videogame which completely fell under the radar in comparison to its PC counterpart.

Embark on a new, sleazy & full length Leisure Suit Larry adventure

The mobile version of Love for Sail takes place somewhere around the year 1990, right after the third instalment in the videogame series (aka Leisure Suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals, from 1989).

Even though the game does not mention any date whatsoever, we do know this game fits on that timeline because of one detail which we'll discover right at the very start of the game. The clue? The floppy disks laying around inside Larry Laffer's house... We'll dive into that a bit deeper, in just a second.

The game starts with a quick and easy to solve tutorial level, which allows a way to introduce the player to the game's basic mechanics.

the leisure suit larry adult mobile game love for sail jme java tutorial level

The tutorial explains how to control the main protagonist. How to walk Larry around, looking or picking up objects, combine or interact with those objects using the inventory menu, and in general, explaining the basic logic of solving puzzles within the adventure style gameplay.

The tutorial level (Larry's apartment)

The first location of the game is Larry's apartment. After reading the unopened letter at the desk, we get to learn that it's a letter from Larry's employer, making him aware of the fact he needs to improve is productivity. To do so, Larry gets send to a special team building type of event.

Luckily for Larry though, the team building event turns out to take place at the beach. You know what that means, right? Sea, sex and sun... Time to pack our bags!

the leisure suit larry adult mobile game love for sail jme java tutorial level

While still at the first tutorial level, after finding Larry's clothing, retrieving his passport and putting it all together inside his suitcase, the player still needs to pick up one last item before he can proceed to the good parts – better grab those old floppy disks if you want to have some fun at the beach.

the leisure suit larry adult mobile game love for sail jme java tutorial level

The younger gamers among us, let's say somewhere around the age of 20 years or so, might not even be aware of what floppies actually are. Or perhaps, may have only heard of these mysterious prehistoric storage hardware. But trust me, these floppies were the "real deal".

You see, during the 1990's, you would slide your floppy disks inside your PC's slot to gain access to the data on that disk. Almost in a similar way as to sliding your big hard rod into a tight, juicy, cock-craving and slippery wet pussy... Perhaps I should've used USB thumb drives as a comparison instead, oh well.

Remember how I've mentioned that no date or actual time is mentioned in this Leisure Suit Larry episode, yet somehow, we would still be able to figure out around which date and time the storyline actually takes place?

Here's your answer – those floppy disks you stumble upon inside Larry's apartment happen to contain the source code of the fourth Leisure Suit Larry instalment!

Now that we know that, we can estimate that the timeline of this episode sits somewhere between the release of the third and fourth title in the Leisure Suit Larry game franchise, right? But wait for it... there's one big catch!

Finding the missing floppies

Long term fans of the series might already have already caught on to the joke by now, but to those that aren't as familiar with Larry Laffer and his antics or simply don't know all the fun facts or history about the series, let us explain why this is an inside joke.

It's basically the developers of the game poking fun at themselves and the franchise in general, because here's the big twist - while in the game's storyline those floppies might contain the code for the entire fourth Leisure Suit Larry game, but in reality, Leisure Suit Larry 4 doesn't actually exists.

Therefore, the Leisure Suit Larry franchise goes from part 3 directly towards part 5, completely skipping the fourth instalment. Still, part four is often still being credited and listed as... wait for it... Leisure Suit Larry 4: The Missing Floppies. *badum tsss*

the leisure suit larry adult mobile game love for sail jme java floppy disk

For years, the rumour was being spread that someone at Sierra HQ, the publisher of the Leisure Suit Larry titles (and almost all the point-and-click videogames during the 90s), had lost the floppies containing the source code to Leisure Suit Larry 4.

Later, on the official website of Al Lowe, the creator and mastermind behind the whole franchise, revealed that those claims of floppies being lost weren't true after all and that it wasn't the real reason for Leisure Suit Larry part 4 being non-existent.

Al Lowe claimed that it was due to the fact, they were trying to add an online multiplayer mode but since these were still the 90s, the game would end up taking too much computer resources as well as being way too large in file size, and thus, the game would no longer be able to fit and ship on floppy disks like they usually would. As a result, it got cancelled and development of the fifth episode began.

Personally, I think the rumoured version of the story sounds a lot more "interesting" haha. And well, that's kinda what they decided to stick with in this mobile game over here as well.

That brings us to today's game review, and guess what's about to happen in Larry Laffer's mobile adventure over here? Yup, Larry Laffer is about to lose his precious floppies any second now! Will the "source code" end up getting lost forever or will the anti-hero Larry save the day?

the leisure suit larry adult mobile game love for sail jme java

It's up to the player to make sure Larry retrieves all the floppies and while he's at it, to shag a couple of horny ladies along the way.

Sea, sex and sun – Larry Laffer explores the beaches

With our suitcase packed, we can now leave the tutorial level and proceed to the "real start" of the game's story. After calling a cab, we're ready to leave Larry's apartment and let the cab driver take us to the local airport.

Suitcase in hand, Larry finally is ready to embark on yet another one of his epic journeys. But first things first, let's try to catch our plane! Of course, Larry being Larry again, things usually don't exactly go as planned.

the leisure suit larry adult mobile game love for sail jme java

Upon arrival at the airport, Larry can't seem to get passed the line at the check-in due to a "big bearded guy" is causing trouble and keeps on arguing with the personal at the gate.

Fun fact: this bearded big guy (in-game character) is actually supposed to be Al Lowe himself, the creator of the game series. Also, this won't be just a one time cameo for Al Lowe either.

the leisure suit larry adult mobile game love for sail jme java

In fact, this fictional character of Al Lowe returns multiple times throughout the game, somehow always blocking Larry Laffer's way. Technically speaking, I guess that makes the official creator of the series, the main antagonist in this storyline... Now that's wild!

Spoiler alert: Larry and Al Lowe somehow even end up sharing the bed together! Now that's what I call a plot twist... M. Night Shyamalan, eat your heart out!

After finding a way to trick Al Lowe by switching briefcases in order to sneak inside the plane and avoiding the full-body scanners, Larry finally manages to set his first steps onto the actual plane.

Once Larry is done flirting with the flight attendants and because the plane is about to take off any second now, Larry proceeds to his seat. Stumbling upon his seat number, he gets another surprise - guess who's sitting in his seat? It's the "big beared guy" Al Lowe again.

Seems like Larry Laffer needs to come up with a little creative solution once again, so he does what any man would do in these type of situations... That is, stealing a drink from an old lady and mix it with some laxative.

the leisure suit larry adult mobile game love for sail jme java

Of course, that drink ends up in the hands of the Al Lowe character, resulting in Al Lowe rushing out of his seat, headed straight towards the plane's toilet, while running twice as fast as Forest Gump ever did.

So, with Al Lowe out of the way and being occupied on the toilet for quite a while, Larry can finally put his butt in the seat and ride it all out... Are we almost there yet?

Have we almost arrived at our sunny destination? Yes, almost, but we're not quite there yet. Not before Larry gets called up by the pilots of the plane as they invite him into the cockpit. Turns out that Larry is the lucky chosen one among all the flight passengers who gets to honour to be the guy to push "the button" to initiate the flight's landing protocol.

What could go wrong, right?

the leisure suit larry adult mobile game love for sail jme java

Larry Laffer pushes the wrong button and that's when the shit really hits the fan.

After accidentally pushing the wrong button, the luggage storage door on the outside of the plane opened up for just a split second. Luckily, only one suitcase managed to slip through and fell down from the plane, landing somewhere on the island's beaches below them.

The bad news though? Of course, that one suitcase just happened to be Larry's suitcase. Exactly that suitcase with the floppies containing the "source code" of the fourth Leisure Suit Larry game stored on them. This is the part where the game truly starts and Larry goes on his big mission.

Game objective

It's Larry's task to retrieve the suitcase and all the items which fell out, including those floppy disks which hold such valuable data.

But before you've arrived at the end of your journey, the player has to take Larry Laffer on a fully featured adventure, a two to three hour long trip exploring all the beaches. Knowing Larry and all, will his master-plan succeed? And what kind of steamy encounters might occur?

Also important, will Larry get lucky with the ladies, perhaps with one of the many lovely female characters he meets? For example, what about that busty lifeguard Pam, or anyone else of all those tanning girls, down at the beach...

Not to mention spending your time trying to catch the attention of the flight attendants, seducing your highly attractive female colleague, meeting an arousing masked dancer, as well as flirting with any other female guests at the hotel. You might even try taking on a group of wild amazon women (aka Larry's way of meeting the locals).

the leisure suit larry adult mobile game love for sail jme java female characters compilation

Since this is a typical Leisure Suit Larry title, you can probably already guess the answer to the question whether or not the game also allows the player to explore the nudist parts of the beach, right?

In other words - there's a ton left to explore once the plane has landed and Larry sets his first foot steps in the sand.

Game Chapters

The game is divided into 7 chapters, each with their own goals, small sub-stories, characters, and their own little puzzles to solve or mini-games to beat.

  • Larry's Home Introduction (tutorial)
  • Chapter 1: Bad Trip, Wrong Plane
  • Chapter 2: Jet Lag Recovering
  • Chapter 3: Fun at the Beach.
  • Chapter 4: Sleeping the Day Away
  • Chapter 5: The Day After Gearing Up For Adventure
  • Chapter 6: Meeting the Locals...
  • Chapter 7: The Farewell Party

A happy ending?

All the troubles Larry had to go through to relocate all of his lost floppy disks in order not to get fired by his bosses, in the end, was it all worth it?

With every official game released in the franchise thus far, the Leisure Suit Larry adventure games always end with a really happy ending, hence the word "really" here, if you know what I mean.

Most of the Leisure Suit Larry episodes include a final "big reveal" at the end, rewarding the player on a gratuitous boob shot for putting all the puzzle pieces back together and finishing the game from start to finish.

Sadly though, such truly visually rewarding type of "happy ending" seems to be missing in Larry's Nokia game. Oh well, no boobs today, it wasn't always so... Which I have to admit, was still a bit of a small bummer.

Nevertheless, the ending was pretty funny and I'm sure will put a smile on your face as it's actually executed in a quite clever way. But still, boobs are boobs, you know... Can't get to see enough of those juicy melons, right?

Speaking of nudity, did you know that the PC counterpart of Love for Sail (1996) actually is one of the most "rewarding" episodes from the entire Leisure Suit Larry videogame series?

From strip poker to naked asses, topless titties, steamy sex, two blondes flaunting their fully exposed knockers, and even intergalactic sex inside a freakin' UFO, it's all included in the earlier PC CD-Rom release of Love for Sail!

Full frontal nudity on Nokia devices on the other hand? Not so much...

So, if you consider tits and ass to be an absolute must, in such case you might rather want to replay the original PC game of Love for Sail instead (available for modern PC's at

Love for Sail (Mobile) Summary

Pretty awesome to suddenly being able to play an entire "new" Leisure Suit Larry adventure game which, like many others, I didn't even know existed.

Even with all the bare naked asses or dancing topless babes being completely absent from Larry Laffer's only official stand-alone mobile adventure game, all other aspects of the game still make up for the lack of in-game nudity.

For starters, an original storyline, the retro style adventure and puzzle elements, the adorable pixel art, combined with that typical Leisure Suit Larry kind of sleazy dialogs, the inside jokes and easter eggs, resulted in a pretty solid and entertaining gaming experience.

In short, seems like even on Nokia phones, Larry Laffer's character seems to be as entertaining as usual!

At the very end of the game, your total score will be revealed, which is based on how many bonus items the player has picked up, finding all missing floppies and other factors such as how much points you've scored during the the mini-games.

Fun fact: If the player would manage to reach a score of 100%, he would win a password which could be used to login on the (now offline) official website, for fans to unlock some bonus goodies.

Speaking of Larry Laffer mini-games, that leads us straight to our next question – what if there's even more Nokia smut we should dive into? More hidden gems we've been missing out on all these years? What about other hidden Leisure Suit Larry titles, if there are any?

Is Love for Sail the only Leisure Suit Larry (J2ME) game available on Nokia phones?

Surprisingly, it's not! There are 2 more Java-based games starring our local hero - Larry Laffer.

That being said, those two alternative Leisure Suit Larry games (developed for the mobile market) are nothing more than just spin-off games and feel more like as if they were developed as quickly as possible, just to generate an extra quick buck. Also, the hardware in mobile phones during that time wasn't as advanced yet.

In short, these other two Leisure Suit Larry Nokia phone games below, shouldn't be considered as or compared to any actual or fully fetched adventure game, as they clearly do not fit that category. Consider these to be more like "quickies" instead.

Leisure Suit Larry: Bikini Beach Volley

Not much of a fan of sports games? Don't worry, besides all the Fifa fans, nobody really is haha. Would a nice view of sweaty boobies, slowly bouncing up and down at the beach, during a hot summer day, perhaps be enough to make you change your mind?

the leisure suit larry adult mobile game love for sail jme java bikini beach volley

Thing is, you don't need to be an actual volley ball fan or expert in order to be able to figure out how to play this naughty Nokia game.

Besides the sports match featuring girl-only teams, the game does have a few more fun moments and "selling points". For example, the player gets to pick his own harem to join his beach volley ball team from a line-up of busty girls in bikini, all ready for some "ball action".

The big reward? After the match, Larry Laffer has the opportunity to treat the female players on his team on a well deserved massage. If you play your cards right and your timing is good enough, Larry Laffer might end up making her sneeze and in the process, also be exposing one of her breasts or get a clean view of her bare naked booty...

Should you be playing this Leisure Suit Larry spin-off? Solely out of curiosity only! In terms of gameplay on "the other hand", it's definitely a game you can skip.

Larry's Sexy Pinball

The last Leisure Suit Larry Java-based game developed for the mobile market, comes in the shape of a pinball table. A pinball table which appears to be a little bit too barebones, for my personal taste. Nevertheless, it's a pinball table and it's an official Leisure Suit Larry game and it's a huge improvement compared to Larry's volley ball spin-off game.

Besides being an official entry in the series, it's also the only title on this list which replaced the main protagonist Larry Laffer with his most famous nephew called Larry Lovage, to whom players got introduced for the first time during the 2004 PC and console game release of Magna Cum Laude, the first Larry-game with 3D graphics and models.

Like mentioned, the table is pretty basic and doesn't offer much variety to keep things interesting enough to play for hours and hours. The most interesting part are the pin-up girls (in lingerie) in the center of the table, which you've probably already spotted minutes ago.

The fun bits of this game? Once the player scores enough points, these ladies will reward them by taking off some of their clothing, piece by piece. Again, they only strip if you manage to get "it up"... your pinball score, that is!

Besides the stripping girls, there are tubes, bumpers and flippers. Basically, the bare pinball table essentials. However, the regular tube(s) which you often spot in many different pinball table designs, has now been replaced by a used condom. Obviously, like many other adult oriented pinball games, the "bumpers" have been transformed into topless breasts, complete with nipple and everything.

the leisure suit larry adult mobile game love for sail jme java larry sexy pinball screenshot

There are a total of three different stripper characters available, all with three different rounds of their own (for the player to win). After each round you've won, the girls will start to reveal a bit more skin by dropping another clothing piece.

During the final, these chicks will finally take off their bra and undies to reveal their heavenly Eve-costume... Well, kinda... Because sadly, their Eve costumes also comes included with a hand-bra... Censorship sucks, ha?

Overall, the game is not that bad and die-hard fans of the series (as well as the die-hard Pinball Wizards among us) should definitely be giving Larry's Sexy Pinball game a shot.

How to play the Leisure Suit Larry (J2ME) mobile game?

Don't have an old Nokia phone laying around collecting dust somewhere? No problem at all! Luckily for you, you don't really need an actual prehistoric phone to be able to play Java games like the Leisure Suit Larry mobile game.

All you need to do is install a piece of software called an emulator, and of course, you would need a copy of the Leisure Suit Larry mobile game(s) itself. Guess what? You can grab those both right here at!

We already did all the work for you and bundled both the emulator, Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail, as well as the Larry's Sexy Pinball game into one single zip archive. In other words - download the file, extract it, and have fun... It's plug and play!

Download J2ME Emulator

  • Download and extract this zip file.
  • Once extracted, launch the "Pcnexus Java Emulator" application.
  • In the top menu, click on Midlet -> Load Jar (to open the file select window).
  • Navigate to the "Roms" folder and select the game (.jar file) to start playing.

The curious case of wild Nokia porn games

Before I stumbled upon this hidden entry in this classic Leisure Suit Larry series, I have to admit, I never really heard of porn or hentai games being a "thing" before. Nor was I aware that adult games on mobile phones which pre-date the Android smart phone era, even existed at all.

After digging in a bit deeper, I've learned that gaming on Nokia, Sony Ericsson (as well as a few other brands from that same time) sure existed, even being quite popular for a short period from looking at the massive list of erotic game titles that got released in such a short time period.

These Nokia games were written in the Java programming language and often referred to as J2ME games, which stands for Java Platform, Micro Edition or in short - Java ME. This would allow developers to easily develop portable code on their PC, which could then be executed on multiple different types of hardware, not just mobile phones, but also TV set-top boxes or even printer devices.

Since Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail (mobile) was such a solid game and fun to play, I got intrigued about these so called J2ME games, especially about the a bit more "hot and steamy" titles.

After diving deep down into the rabbit hole, having spend an entire day looking up and testing the kinkiest J2ME based porn games I could find, I think I've seen more than enough to come to the conclusion that 99% of these J2ME adult games are mostly trash.

Simply put, you can skip most of these Nokia porn games, and just stick to the mobile version of Love for Sail instead (see instructions above). Unless of course, torturing yourself happens to be part of your own personal sexual kinks. ;)

Oct 27, 2021

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