The Kinky Encounters of Gamer Girl Ashley (Streaming Beauty Pt. 1)

“Take that!” Ashley cheered as she took out another zombie that was heading for her small group of heroes. The creature wobbled around for a moment before finally falling down dead and his loot was sent flying across the screen into her purse.

“Never understood what zombies and animals are doing carrying around coins and weapons,” she joked before checking the stream of incoming messages. “Exactly, Christine3857. At least with human mobs it would make sense, but a lot of the games have it dropping off things like frogs and plants. Like, what man eating, mobile flower is going to be going around carrying a rusty dagger?

“Not enough games have you get the money through just tasking and questing. Bulletin boards with rewards for killing a certain number of a mob make a lot more sense than a zombie giving me his coin purse upon death.”

It was a long-standing pet peeve of hers, but she complained mostly in jest. After all, without games like the one she was playing, she wouldn’t have an income. Being able to live stream to her subscribers while playing these games was what kept the lights on and allowed her to do what she loved.

“The live launch for this game is in about two months, JHK45. It’s still in beta and I’m incredibly lucky to be able to test it for you guys. And yes, Dyedpurplepotatoe, love your id by the way, the controls are very easy to figure out.

“It’s your basic arrow keys and space bar to jump, type of game. Using the mouse allows you to choice what spells or attacks your characters do each round and it’s a turn-based game. It’s really simple to get the hang of but grows with you on difficulty level.”

She turned away from the constant stream of messages to attack another mob and took his out with ease. “Think it’s time I start heading further in myself. Mobs are getting to be way too easy.”

As she moved her characters further into the game world, text flashed on her screen alerting her that she had entered the Haunted Forest. “Ooh that sounds ominous. I wonder what creepy mobs we’re going to find here. You ready to find out?” Ashley glanced over at the chat to see that everyone was calling for her to go.

“Let’s do this,” she said with a smirk and moved forward into the forest. A loading screen came on along with a tip for pressing the space bar to jump. As she zoned back into the game, a dark creepy forest appeared around her characters with the bare branches swaying in the wind and glowing eyes blinking in the bushes around her feet.

“Nice ambience with this game. Definitely looks like a haunted forest to me,” she joked with a chuckle as she started moving her characters in further. Within a few steps, a group of two large, zombified wolves approached her. “This is what I mean by the difficulty level rising. The mobs in the zone before attacked solo. Also had about half the health points as these suckers.”

She checked the chat again knowing there was bound to be another question. “To answer Frank88, I’m still attacking with the baseline attacks and spells. I do have some points that I can spend to increase their levels, but I like to see how far I can get before doing so. The basic attacks are the usual for these types of games. The tank, a warrior, does taunt. The healer, a cleric, does single target heal over time. The melee damage, an assassin, does flank. And the caster, a wizard, does fireball.

“As you level the characters up and get more points, you can even make them hybrids. For example, the cleric can become a paladin, or mix of tank and healer. The assassin can become an archer. And so forth. The only problem is the hybrids aren’t available during the beta. When the game goes live, the pre-order subscribers will get early access to the hybrids.

“And don’t forget, if you use the code FireandAsh2020, you can get a 10 percent discount when you pre-order the game.” Ashley gave her viewers a wink before turning her attention back to the game. In two rounds, the mobs were dead, and she continued on through the forest. She managed to kill a couple more before her phone pinged to alert her of a new text.

On my way. It was all the text said, but Ashley’s heart fluttered at the simple message. It was from Danny. A guy she had been messaging with for a while that she met on a previous game. She was living streaming it one day when it went down for unscheduled maintenance and she realized that all of her fans had logged off but one.

She started talking to him and it seemed that they had a lot in common—not just that they liked playing the same type of games. They grew up in the same neighborhood. Attended the same school, though in different years. Even now, they only lived about an hour apart.

They had made plans weeks ago to meet up, but unfortunately they had to keep pushing it back for one reason or another. Today, that was not the case. Today, he was on his way and would be there any minute.

“Just a heads up, but I will have to cut today’s streaming a bit short. I’m expecting company in a bit, but I will make it up to you.” The chat was spammed with complaints about her leaving, but she ignored them. Ash was too excited about her incoming guest to care at the moment.

Another couple of mobs dropped before her doorbell finally rung. “Well, that’s it for me for now guys. Until next time.” As she signed off, Ash blew her viewers a kiss before clicking the X at the top right of the screen to exit the program and made her way toward the door.

Straightening her clothes, Ash opened the door and smiled at Danny. He was even cuter than he was in his pictures. She hadn’t thought that would be possible. “Hello, Danny,” she greeted as she looked him over again, before stepping back so he could come in.

“Hi, Ashley,” Danny said, stepping inside and glancing around her apartment for a moment while she closed the door. Once it was secured, Ash turned and found herself pushed up against the door—Danny’s lips finding hers instantly.

She moaned into the kiss even as she began to return it, and Danny slipped his hands under her ass. He kneaded the supple flesh for a moment before using his hold to lift her and pin Ash against the door.

“Danny,” she moaned, and he took the opportunity to deepen the kiss by slipping his tongue into her mouth. Hers joined in the playful battle even as he continued to hold her up with one hand and start exploring her body with the other.

His fingers find their way beneath her shirt, caressing her abdomen and leaving a trail of goosebumps in their wake. Ash shudders at the sensation and Danny chuckles as he releases her lips. Danny doesn’t leave her wanting long as his lips soon find the pulse at her neck and he begins to suck at it causing her heartrate to increase.

“Like that huh?” he questioned, his voice muffled by her shoulder as he kisses his way down her collar. “Just wait until you feel what else I have in store for you,” Danny teased, causing Ash to moan once more, before he pulled his hand from her stomach to run it up the inside of her thigh.

For a moment, Ashley wondered how he managed to reach it at such an odd angle, but it, along with all other questions, vanished from her mind as his fingers found the juncture between her legs.

She had forgone wearing underwear that day, wanting to surprise him, and it was easy to tell he appreciated the effort. “You’re a naughty one, aren’t you?” he asked with a smirk before slipping a finger into her already wet pussy—pulling a long, guttural moan from Ash’s lips as he did.

“You’re so wet, Ash. I half want to fuck you right here against the door, but I don’t want you thinking you’ll be getting off that easy.” The way he emphasized the words had Ash biting her lip in anticipation. She may not have known what Danny had in store for her, but she was certain she would thoroughly enjoy every last minute of it.

To be continued...

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Dec 9, 2020

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