The Kinky Encounters of Gamer Girl Ashley (Streaming Beauty Pt. 2)

Danny fingered her gently for a moment longer before pulling out and wrapping both arms under her thighs to carry Ash to the bed. He tossed her back onto it and she squeaked in surprise before chuckling. The sound quickly died off as Danny wasted no time before pushing up her skirt and running his tongue along her neither lips. He made his way to her clit, circling his tongue around it, before placing a gentle kiss on top of it.

Ash moaned his name, her back arching off the bed slightly as he did it again. This time, instead of a kiss, he nibbled on her clit before sucking it into his mouth. Again he drew his tongue along the length of her pussy, and she shuddered against him.

Danny made his way up her body unbuttoning her blouse and placing featherlight kisses as he went until he reached her breast. He unhooked the clasp in the front and stared at her exposed flesh for a moment before leaning down to lick one of her nipples. He circled his tongue around the hardening bud before sucking it into his mouth.

He nibbled on it gently, causing Ash to moan as she arched her back, before giving the same attention to the other breast. Danny made his way back up to her lips and captured them in a kiss that quickly turned fiery. Ash returned as good as she got, but it wasn’t enough for her. She wanted more of him.

“My turn,” she said with a smirk, pulling back and breaking the kiss. Danny looked at her curiously before standing up and pulling his shirt over his head. When he went to undo his pants, she stilled his hands with her own before dropping to her knees before him. Ash unzipped his pants and slid them off his hips but didn’t bother waiting for him to take them off or remove his boxers.

Instead, she reached her hand inside the slit in the material and stroked his length twice before pulling him free of his confines. Locking eyes with Danny, she licked the tip of his cock before rolling it around her tongue. Without breaking eye contact, she sucked on the tip and pushed her lips down over the length of him.

Danny’s eyes rolled back in extasy, so she did it again. The already hard member became hot in her grasp as she wrapped her hand around it and began to gently stroke the entire length. “Ash,” he moaned as her motions grew in speed and pressure—her lips moving in sync with her hand.

“As much as I love that,” Danny said, gritting his teeth when she applied more suction to her lips, “I can’t wait to be inside you.” He grabbed her head, holding her still for a moment as he thrust deeper into her mouth. Unable to keep up with his speed, Ash reached her hand down to fondle his balls until he pulled out of her mouth and lifted her into the air.

She giggled as he placed her on his hips, his hot cock pressed against her belly, only to moan a moment later when he grabbed it and rubbed it against her entrance. “Top drawer of the nightstand,” Ash said, her words tapering into a moan as he did it again. Danny backed them up the two feet nessacary to reach the drawer and grabbed a rubber out of it.

Without a word, she took it from his hand and opened the package, skillfully slipping it over his pulsing cock. Not a moment after she had it in place, Danny grabbed her hips and held her away from his body. He aimed his cock at her entrance and started slowly pulling her closer.

Ash smirked before pulling back slightly and slamming herself down onto him, sheathing him completely within her. She moaned as she threw back her head at the sensation. Before the sound had finished, Danny started pulling her back only to slam her down on him once more. “Oh fuck!” Ash cried out as he did it again, hitting deeper than he had before.

He kept them in that position for a minute, thrusting into her even as he pulled her hips down until his arms could no longer support her. Turning toward the bed, Danny dropped her onto it, pulling her to the edge before plowing into her without warning.

“Oh fuck yes!” she cried out as Danny pushed her thighs up so he could delve even deeper. “Fuck me!”

“As you command,” Danny teased before picking up the pace and thrusting into her as she tried in vain to raise her hips to meet him. He chuckled at her futile attempts. Using his thumb, he rubbed her clit, causing her to buck beneath him at the sudden sensation.

Danny continued to thrust into her even as he leaned forward to growl in her ear, “On your hands and knees.” Ashley shivered, but was unable to move as Danny refused to still.

“I…I can’t,” Ashley tried, her words interrupted by his thrusting.

“I know,” Danny taunted, smirking before pulling himself out to the top and teasing her with it. When he finally pulled out all the way, she whined at the loss. Her objection was short lived as Danny flipped her over a moment later.

Ashely squeaked in surprise, the sound tapering off into a moan as he pushed into her once more. “Oh, Danny,” she moaned as he gently slid his full length within her only to pull it back out a moment later.

“Don’t tease me, Danny. I want you to ride me hard and fast,” Ashley grumbled causing him to chuckle.

“Your wish is my command,” he said, his voice dripping with lust, as he pulled back to the tip and slammed his full length into her without warning.

Ashley moaned his name in ecstasy. “Do that again. Faster!” she begged, and Danny was only happy to oblige. He began plowing into her, picking up the pace with each thrust.

Danny grabbed her hips, pulling her back into his groin as he moved, allowing himself to go deeper and harder. “Yes, just like that. Fuck me Danny!” Ash yelled, her words transforming into moans before she could finish speaking.

Danny chuckled again even as he picked up the pace once more. Her arms unable to support her weight any longer, Ashley fell forward onto the bed—the blanket muffling her cries of extasy as she felt herself drawing close to her climax.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck—” Ashley tried to get out, but her words were cut off as she came hard. Her breathing faltered for a moment; her lips parted but unable to draw air. A moment later, she gasped before collapsing onto the bed.

Still Danny didn’t stop. “Fuck that feels good,” Danny growled in her ear as she closed her legs, making herself feel even tighter for him. “I don’t want to finish,” Danny admitted, his lips just beside her ear, before sucking her lobe into his mouth. “I want to keep fucking you forever. You have no idea how good you feel,” he moaned, holding her shoulders as he continued to pound into her.

“Alas, that wet pussy of yours is milking me dry. Guess we’ll just have to have another session before I leave. I’m looking forward to finding out how that sweet ass of yours feels.” His voice was guttural, sending a shiver of anticipation down her back. Ashley couldn’t wait to find out how his cock felt pounding her ass either.

But it would have to wait as Danny sheathed himself completely within her before stilling. His cock pulsed inside her, in sync with her own heartbeat which pounded in her ears.

“Fuck that felt good,” Danny moaned as he pulled out and laid down beside her, wrapping his arms around her and pulling Ashley flesh against his chest.

Ashely could feel herself starting to fall asleep in his warm embrace but knew she would need to get up soon. Refusing to deny herself the comfort of his arms, she decided to wait until he got up himself to clean up.

The minutes ticked by in silence, the only sound their heavy panting until Danny rose from the bed and disappeared into the bathroom for a minute before returning. He laid down beside her once more and it wasn’t long before his soft snoring could be heard.

She chuckled, glancing over at his sleeping form, before deciding it was time to get cleaned up herself. As she made her way toward the back, a flashing on her screen caught her eye and she made her way toward it confused. Much to her horror, Ashley discovered that the flashing was caused by the scrolling comments from her subscribers—many of whom were trying to alert her to the feed still being on.

Others were commenting on the show she gave them. “I am so sorry guys, that is not what I meant by making it up to you,” she joked before moving the mouse over to the pop up box that asked if she was sure she wanted to close the program. Shaking her head at herself for being too caught up in thoughts about Danny coming over that she didn’t see it, she closed the program before shutting the computer off for good measure.

“I’m going to have a lot more subscribers after today,” she said with a chuckle before sparing Danny one last glance and making her way into the bathroom to shower.

1897 Written by Hairann
Dec 9, 2020

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