The Babe Arcade (Pt. 1: Introduction)

“Welcome to the Babe Arcade, sugar.” A voice called in the distance, sounding like she smoked a pack a day for 40 years. The two teenagers who approached looked nervous, looking left and right nudging each other, both of them pushing the other forwards.

“Uh… hi.” The one standing closer to her said nervously. He had freckles dotted throughout his face, was incredibly scrawny, had bright orange hair that he seemed to never comb and round glasses jutting out, hiding his eyes behind thick glass lenses.

“Hey, Baby. First time?” A woman turned to face him, she had heard them enter through the bells installed on the doors, and was drying up the glasses at the main counter of the establishment when she uttered her usual catchphrase. She had crazy curly hair that was cut short and died pink, was around 50 years old and had a tooth missing, which she showed off to the two boys.

“Yeah. Our friend told us about this place.” He turned around at his friend, who nodded back at him. “We heard it was a lot of fun.”

She cackled at them, “A lot of fun is an understatement, son. My girls provide you with somewhere to plug your controllers and let loose on their consoles.” She winked at both of them before exiting the bar to stand right in front of them, hands on her hips. “Well, c’mon then. I’ll give you a tour of the place.”

They followed her in fear. This was more than they signed up for- way more than they could ever imagine. Dustin and Zachary had heard great things. A place where you can let loose, have some drinks, and check out hot babes as they roller bladed around, shamelessly flirting with you. It almost sounded too good to be true. Many of their friends visited, but kept it hush hush in fear that more guys would show up and ruin it for them. Zach overheard them whispering about it one day, and they had finally gotten the guts to show up and visit when they realized Dustin’s parents would be gone for the afternoon and would never find out what they were doing.

“I’m Destiny.” She smiled, showing off her wide grin again. “And you are?”

It was Dustin who replied this time. “I’m Dustin, this is Zach.” In all ways that Zachary was scrawny, Dustin was chubby. No one really made fun of him at school, but he had always been insecure, and it showed by his actions. He wore socks that rode up to his knees and tucked in his shirt almost everyday- it almost always had pit stains. To say they were not the popular kids at the school was an understatement.

Cute names.” They had approached the main hall, which was decorated in glow-in-the-dark wallpaper like the front of the gaming centre. There were disco lights hanging everywhere and loud video game music that were iconic blasting all night. It created an ambience that separated the arcade from the rest of the world, which most of the guys present wanted to escape from. Everything from the floor to ceiling was covered in black, with intricate video game designs glowing brightly against it. There were multiple bars situated throughout- serving snacks from fries to chicken wings to pizza and popcorn and slushie machines in every corner of the place.

Video games all the way from Ms. PacMan, Donkey Kong, Galaga, BurgerTime and the new PacMan were situated with many teenage boys and girls screaming and laughing, comparing high scores high fiving when they beat their old ones.

What Dustin and Zach couldn’t stop staring at where the girls- there seemed to be girls rollerblading around them everywhere. They wore shorts that rode up their butts and most were in two ponytails as they glided around carrying stacks of plates and dishes for the guests. It seemed a lot of the guests were unconcerned with the games themselves. They sat at bean bag chairs and were chatting up the girls, who giggled loudly at whatever they had to say.

This place is… amazing.” Dustin said, more to himself.

Glad you like it, hun.” Another wink. “Let me show you our most popular girl, hmm? She’ll give you a good time. Hey, Kat- come here girl.” She said it loudly, waving a beautiful brunette girl over. She had huge DD breasts and fully lips with a beautiful charming smile, her waist narrowed onto full hips and she swayed over, grinning ear to ear. She wore the same shorts the other girls were wearing, and a black lacey bikini top, which was tight and barely hid her breasts.

"Welcome to The Babe Arcade, the only arcade that provides true joy for your stick, may I take your order?" Here voice alone- a low seductive note- gave both boys a boner- one that would probably last the night.

Zach gulped, looking at her, drool coming out of his mouth. Kat, completely used to this treatment, continued staring back at him as he finally gained his composure and wiped his mouth. He looked at her with the goofiest expression and replied, “We… um… um….”

We’ve never been here before.” Dustin replied, nudging Zach a few times.

She giggled and flipped her hair, the smell of her shampoo wafting into the boy’s faces. They both sniffed in deeply. “Well I can help you out there. I’ll help you insert your coin into any slot here.” She waved her arms around, indicating the whole place.

Um… can we have a menu please?” Zach asked.

Certainly.” She reached into the black satchel hanging by her side and handed them a menu that matched the feel of the place exactly. Colourful dots filled the page and menu items like “Hot Buns- warm bread, Hand Job- finger food, Sloppy seconds- sloppy joe, bearded clam- clam dish with cheese, doggie style- hot dog, boner- ribs” filled the page. There were also quotes decorated on every page in front of hot girls smiling like “roll a 9 for penetration”, “put a sword through my back, mister”, “put all your attribute points into endurance”, and “your minesweeper needs to clear my field”. Zach almost spit out the water he was drinking in complete shock. He couldn’t believe a place like this was legal.

Just then, two college students approached, both wearing band shirts and ripped jeans, looking nonchalant. “Hey, Kat. What’s up?”

Hey Kyle, back again, huh?” She leaned against the counter, but her smile didn’t falter.

I got you something special.” He winked at her.

How many times do I have to tell you boys to stop giving things to my girls?” Destiny yelled, watching the interaction. She had walked back to the greeting bar after introducing the boys to Kat, but everyone at the gaming arcade knew she had eyes like a hawk and was always watching, making sure her girls were treated right.

It’s nothing, Destiny!” Kyle yelled back. “Just something I made.”

What is it?” Kat asked, intrigued.

Close your eyes.” He said.

She looked at him suspiciously. “C’mon. It’s nothing weird, I promise.”

He’s totally gonna pull down his pants and pull his dick out.” His friend snickered. Kyle nudged him, annoyed.

Shut up.” He shoved him away. “I promise, Kat. Nothing weird.”

Alright.” She narrowed her eyes, then closed them, holding her hand out. He placed a small object on her hand, and she opened her eyes looking down at a small wrapped paper box, which she immediately unwrapped, revealing a cassette tape.

What’s on it?” She asked cautiously.

Just some songs I recorded for you with my band. It’s video game themed.” He winked.

Wow, my favourite.” She said sarcastically, then gained her composure. “Thanks Kyle, you’re always welcome here.”

Are you free tonight after work?” He asked, scratching his neck.

Sorry, babe. Going out with the girls tonight.” She responded without thinking, like it was something she had to do constantly.

Again? This is the fourth time!” His friend snickered behind him.

Maybe next time, but you know Destiny has got some strict rules on her girls. We can’t go out with our customers!”

Well maybe I’ll stop coming here and then you can date me!”

Do you want to get me fired?” She narrowed her eyes.

No. No.”

Then go buy some tokens and call me when you know what you want.” He stared at her, grumbled a few words like “You know what I want” and walked away, his friend patting his back for support.

Don’t worry boys, that happens all the time.” She looked back at the two young boys, grinning once more. “Now, what can I get for your growing bodies?” She stared directly at their pants and winked.

Dustin gulped and gave her the order, and she zoomed off after nodding with her rollerblade, catching up with Destiny and chatting with her. After a few moments of staring after her, Zachary looked at his friend.

This place is…” He stared.

Awesome!” Dustin completed. “C’mon, let’s go buy some tokens and start breaking all these pussies’ records, what do you say?”

But I wanna stare at hot babes!”

Dude, you know they’re unattainable. But you know what is attainable? Destroying everyone at Frogger.” He pulled on Zachary’s sleeves and they wandered off, exploring the place.

“If one more guy threatens to leave this place because you use me as an excuse---” Destiny began, scolding Kat for the millionth time that week.

“It’s not my fault if I’m hot and they all want me.” Kat folded her arms, pushing her tits up higher, her bikini top barely hiding what’s underneath. It was the closest the place could go to still be legal for boys 18 and under, but most girls clearly had nipples poking out, and their bikini tops ‘slipped’ from time to time when they expected tips would be incoming, completely flashing the customers.

“It is your fault. You lead them on too much.” Destiny scolded, staring at Kat’s DD’s.

“That’s literally what you’ve hired me for. You know I make the most out of anyone here. And you get a cut of tips.” She frowned.

“Fine. But no more!” She stacked the rest of the plates she was cleaning away and started wiping down the counters. “And you know there’s no rule you can’t date the customers.”

“I know, but if I tell them all I’m gay I’ll never make tips again.” She frowned, looking away.

“Girl, you sure you’re gay? I bet you can take a good pounding, you know?” She shivered. “It feels amazing, too. I miss some good dicking.”

Kat swatted her, gritting her teeth. “I hate when people ask me that. I’m not interested in dick, thank you very much- and a girl can make me cum better than any dumb ass geek that goes here.”

“Shush. I’ve had some good ones from guys who come here. Now go back to work.” Destiny swatted Kat back with the rag, and Kat picked up the food that had just arrived for Dustin and Zachary and rolled back to them, putting on her smile again.

“Alex, ahh—stop I have to go back to work.” A voice said from the bathroom as Dustin walked by. It was the boy’s bathroom, as evident by the pixel figure that sported a giant erection in front of the door- but he heard a girl’s voice.

He stayed in the stall, listening. Afraid they’d see him and be suspicious, he tucked his legs up on the toilet and stayed as silent as possible.

“But you feel so good. I need it. Look how hard I am. You give me a 1UP all the time.”

There was silence then. “Mmmm… you do look pretty good right now. Okay just a quickie.”

“Good girl, now bend over.” The stall rattled next to him, and Dustin jumped, but stayed on the toilet, listening intently. His boner would not stop pulsing- he’s never been so close to someone banging before.

It was only a few seconds (a zip sound, clothes coming off) before he heard her moan out loud and a male voice making a grunt. “Time to explore the dungeon.”

Dustin could hear the noise of skin slapping skin, and it increased in pace with the increase of moans- it seemed the couple did not care who was listening anymore. “Harder. Please. More. I need it.” The girl kept whispering phrases in her lust, and Dustin had to keep leaning closer and closer to their stall to hear it.

“I’m so close, Jess.” Another few slaps of skin, and the sound of wet fluids.

“Me too Alex.”

“Ahh!” All the sounds abruptly stopped.

Dustin sat in the stall, completely shocked. He waited for them to leave after they fixed up their clothing, and he wanked off in the stall, breathing heavily. It was the hottest thing he’s ever experienced in his life.

“What took you so long?” Zach said confused when he came back, covered in sweat.

“I HEARD SOMEONE BANGING IN THE BATHROOM!” He yelled, then realized how loud he was and covered his mouth. “It was crazy.” He added in a whisper.

“Then why are you covered in sweat?” Zach asked, then realized. “Ew, gross. Don’t touch my hand, man.”

“Wasn’t planning on it.”

“Done with your food, boys?” A blonde girl with curly hair down to her hips asked. She wore a similar outfit to Kat, but instead of a black bikini top, it was pink and polka-dotted, and she wore short jeans that rode up as high as Kat’s as well. “I’m Mel!”

The boys took a few moments to compose themselves before answering. “Thank you, yes.”

Oh my goodness! That’s the highest I’ve seen anyone go!” She put down the platter of plates she was holding and leaned against the screen of the game Zachary was playing, exposing her breasts to the two boys. They both stared at each other and gulped. “You must be so good at maneuvering the joystick.” She commented. “Oh please, will you teach me how to slide down that thick pipe and collect those coins?”

Zach cleared his throat, wondering what has gotten into all these horny girls. He showed her the level, and she thanked him with a kiss on the cheek and collected their plates, grinning ear to ear as she roller bladed off.

She reached Jessica, who was talking intently with Destiny, both laughing and ignoring most of the customers. Jessica was a redhead with cute freckles, and wore an overall with pacman etched in the front, the pants riding high as much as the other girls. She wore stripped stockings that rode high on her knees, and looked very much like a modern Wendy’s girl. “I heard what you did.” Melissa said.

What did I do, huh?”

You fucked your boyfriend in the stalls again, didn’t you? Slut!” She screamed, giggling.

You know Destiny pays me to do that.” Melissa laughed.

We hook every boy that comes in here, don’t you know by now how this works?” Destiny looked away, pretending it wasn’t her idea.

You’re all pure evil!”

You’ll learn in a few months how things are done here.” Destiny winked. “I heard you got a boyfriend as well, how about you do the enticing next time, huh? I’ll pay you well for your services.”

No way John will be okay with that! He already hates me working here!”

You already wear the most clothes out of all girls. You should take it off and see how much they’ll tip you then!” Destiny ripped off her coveralls with one smooth motion, flashing Melissa’s B-cup breasts for all to see, her nipples erect in the cold air.

Babe Arcade Gamer Erotica fiction Series

Melissa gasped, covering it up. It was too late though, Dustin and Zachary were just on their way out- they both stared, drooling once more. All three girls looked down at their growing erections.

Oooh those are really going to satisfy a special lady one day.” Destiny showed off her teeth. “Have a nice night, boys! Come back to Babe arcade any day!”

As they left, Melissa put on her coveralls again, then looked up at Destiny, “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

Destiny batted her eyelashes, patted Melissa on the back, and simply said, “Those boys will never be able to leave this place again.”

Outside, Zachary gaped at Dustin, yelling on top of his lungs, “BEST. PLACE. EVER.”

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Aug 30, 2020

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