The Babe Arcade (Pt. 4: The Hole)

“Bro. I have another plan.” Kyle announced, grinning his usual nerdy smile at Charlie.

“After what happened last time?” Charlie cried out, then ignored him as he went back to his paper. They were ‘studying’ at the library after school together for their upcoming exams, but Kyle wouldn’t stop talking about Babe Arcade and how hot Kat was- something Charlie had absolutely enough of.

“All we did was fall asleep while gaming.” Kyle responded, pouting a little. Both of the boys had decided not to discuss the dream they shared with each other in fear of scaring their friend… and therefore neither had discovered what had really happened that night they broke into the Babe Arcade, and rather had an eerie feeling about it ever since.

“Yeah. But it was super weird and I didn’t like it.” Charlie grumbled. He didn’t know why his friend was so obsessed with this woman that’s never given him the light of day.

“You’re such a pussy.” He shoved him, annoyed. Charlie looked up from his work, glaring.

“What the hell do you want to do this time?” Kyle was lucky he was such a good friend to him. He couldn’t wait to get into a far away college and not have to put up with this anymore.

“Okay. We’re breaking in again.” Kyle announced.

“No.” Charlie said, and scooted his work to the right and sat one seat further from Kyle.

“Not at night! Okay listen- the girls come in at around noon time to get ready and shower and stuff right?” Charlie ignored him, but was secretly listening. “Well, I suggest we break in before then and hide and then we’ll be able to see them in the shower!”

“Dude. The walls aren’t see-through.” Charlie rolled his eyes.

“One sec.” Kyle replied, and started digging inside his bag. Charlie couldn’t help but feel a little curious, and he looked up, trying to see what Kyle was looking for. After a few seconds, he pulled out a large device, grinning from ear to ear.

“A fucking drill gun?” Charlie asked.

“We’ll drill holes in the wall!” Kyle waited with anticipation for his best friend’s response.

“Fuck off.” Charlie said, going back to his paper.

“You’re such a party pooper, you know I’m a genius. C’mon. Join me!” Kyle poked Charlie, who continued to ignore him. He poked him again, waiting. He received no response. Another poke.

“Stop touching me!” Charlie screamed out in frustration.

“Ehem.” They heard a voice from behind the bookshelf. The librarian, Mrs.Hiscock poked her head around the shelves and glared at them. “You boys are very disruptive to the library environment, and I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

“But ma’am--” Charlie began.

“Is that a drill gun?” She called out. “OUT! NOW!” Kyle and Charlie gathered their belongings, and headed out the door, Kyle giggling slightly from what happened.

“Well… since we have nothing better to do…” Kyle suggested.

Charlie sighed. “Okay, I’ll go home, grab my stuff, and be at your house in an hour.”

“YES!” Kyle cried out, and ran back home without saying goodbye, too excited to do anything else but plot some more.

They woke up early the next morning after talking about girls throughout the night, Kyle snoring loudly against Charlie’s ear after they finally fell asleep. They gathered all of their spying supplies and headed immediately to Babe Arcade, which had an abandoned parking lot from the establishment still being closed. Kyle dropped his bag on the floor, and peeked inside, checking to see if anyone was in there. “Nope, empty.” He concluded.

He reached for the cactus plant again, hoping that they were still as stupid as last time. He lifted it up, grinning, and his smile disappeared in an instant. The key wasn’t there. “Fuck.” He said.

“Looking for this?” A voice called out. It was a guy he’s seen before at Babe Arcade, but never really talked to. He was tall and muscular, his hair swept to the side with a thick leather jacket on despite the hot weather. He smiled at Kyle and Charlie, twirling the key in his hand, the label “front door” hitting his palm as he did so.

“Hey! Give it back!” Kyle yelled.

“No.” The guy said, smirking away. “It’s not even yours. Thief.”

“You’re the thief here. Give it!”


“What do you want?” Charlie, the thinker, replied.

“I want in on your plan.”

“We don’t have a plan.” Kyle lied, crossing his arms.

“Well, you clearly do. And I need to see as much of the hot babes as I can. They’re too distracted during normal hours. I need Kat to be mine. And mine alone.” He concluded.

“I’m not helping you if you’re after Kat!” Kyle called out, turning to grab his bag and walk away.

“Don’t worry, I’m okay with any girl. I just need to get laid, man.”

Kyle could relate to this, and turned back to consider his proposal. “Okay. But you have to be quiet about it. And don’t tell anyone!”

The guy nodded. “Pleasure working with you. I’m Sam.”

“Cool man.” They shared a fist-bump. “Okay, you already wasted too much of my time. Let’s go.” Sam helped them open the door, and the three of them ran to the bathroom, examining the scene of their up-coming crime.

“So, what’s the plan?” Sam asked. He had no idea what he was now a part of, and was beginning to worry he had teamed up with idiots who would immediately get him caught.

“We’re going to drill holes…. Um…” Kyle looked around, trying to gauge the best location. “Here!” He pointed to a discreet location by the lockers, where a little divide in the wall hid a small space that could fit all three of them.

“You’re drilling holes?” Sam asked, his eyebrows raised. He half-thought Kyle was messing with him until Kyle pulled out his trusty drill gun.

“A-yup!” Kyle announced.

“Yeah he’s a fucking idiot.” Charlie said, rolling his eyes.

“It’s going to work guys, I swear.” He replied, and started to drill one hole equally spaced apart on all sides, large enough for one eye to look through. “See, perfect! I knew I would be great for art school.”

“Now what?” Sam asked.

“We wait.” Kyle sat down on the floor, twirling his fingers and shaking from anticipation. An hour later, when Sam and Charlie were beginning to give up on this horrendous mission, the first of the girls showed up. Their voices got louder and louder, revealing two of the older girls they’ve seen a few times. “Ugh. Not Kat.” Kyle whispered.

“Duh.” Charlie whispered back.

Kyle looked through the hole, and motioned a fist bump at the two men patiently waiting for him. “It works!” He whispered urgently.

“Holy shit really?” Sam asked, and shoved him to the side to look properly as well. “Woah. They’re taking off their clothes.”

“Naked girls?” Charlie cried out, then lowered his volume to control himself. “Let me see!” He shoved Sam to the side, looking through the hole.

The two girls they were unfamiliar with were indeed taking off their clothes. They stripped until they were completely naked and giggled at each other, though they couldn’t hear what they were saying. They tossed their clothes on the bench and headed to the communal shower, rubbing their bodies with soap as they turned on the hot steaming water. “This is the hottest thing I’ve seen in my life.” Charlie concluded.

“I told you it was a great idea! No more porn magazines for us, this is way better!” Kyle was so proud of himself, and pulled Charlie back to see the girls again. “Woah. Look at how they’re rubbing their bodies. Hot.”

On the other side of the wall, Kat had arrived. She had taken the bus as usual, and was covered in sweat from her recent workout. She really needed a shower. She shoved her stuff in her locker, and took the hair tie off from her hair, loosening a breath of relief.

“Hey girl.” She heard a familiar voice, and her body tightened up immediately as she turned around. She’s not supposed to be here!

“Heyyyyyyy! What are you doing here?” Kat asked, biting her lip as she stared at Gabby.

“Oh, I have a funeral to go to this weekend so I had to change shifts with someone.” She announced, taking off her outdoor shoes as she did so.

“But you never shower here.” Kat said, hoping Gabby would change her mind and somehow leave.

“I know but I’m filthy today.” Gabby announced, bending over to put in her locker combination. Those words flooded Kat’s panties, and she gulped- hard.

“Nah…. you’re gorgeous like always.” Kat replied, leaning her body against her open locker and accidentally slamming it shut. She jumped up from the shock, and Gabby put her hand on her lips, giggling away at Kat’s usual antiques.

“You’re such a klutz, Kat.” Gabby said, still giggling.

Just when I’m around you. Kat thought as she bit her lip, hard. She really didn’t want Gabby to see her naked- especially when she was disgusting like this. She was covered in sweat, and smelled like her uncle’s living room when her aunt was gone for a week.Gabby would never touch her after that. Also she wasn’t shaved down there! She considered just leaving and pretending she wasn’t going to shower in the first place, but how was she going to explain to her why she came 30 minutes early to work, and why she was already half naked and holding a bar of soap in her hand??

While her mind raced, she realized Gabby was already completely naked. It was so fucking hot. She’s seen girls naked before, but never a girl this beautiful. She wanted to run her tongue all over her body, tasting everything and enjoying every piece of her. She shivered just thinking about it. Those tits! She could squish her face deep inside and fall asleep, never waking up again from the pure bliss.

“Hello? Earth to Kat!” Gabby called, laughing.

“What? Ah, what did you say?” Kat asked, shaking her head fervently. Don’t stare at her so much, it’s so obvious!

“I asked if I could borrow your soap. I’m clearly used to showering at home, so I forgot to bring some.” Gabby said, stepping into the now empty shower area.

“Oh, of course. It’s lavender flavour.” Kat said, blushing at the thought of sharing her soap with the love of her life.

She stepped out of her clothes, taking care to do it slowly and carefully, watching her steps along the way. She’s never been so aware of her body before. It was completely nerve-wracking. She watched to see if Gabby was watching her, but she was too focused enjoying the hot water to stare at her body- it wasn’t a normal thing to do in the shower, anyways. She was staring for so long that Gabby turned around to glance at her, a questioning look in her eyes. “Are you going to shower or what? You’re going to be late for work, girl!”

She nodded. “Sorry I’m so weird.” and walked over. Gabby passed her the soap back, and she showered as well, deep in thought.

“Hey, can I ask you something kind of personal?” Gabby asked, washing her soapy body down as she did.

“In the shower?” Kat giggled.

“Why not? We’re already super exposed to each other!” She laughed back.

“Sure. You can ask me anything.” Kat blushed, wondering what the other girl was curious about.

“Well… I was wondering why you weren’t in a relationship.” Gabby said, trying to seem nonchalant.

“Why do you ask?” Kat asked, hoping for the answer she really wanted.

“I’m sure you’ve noticed all the boys drooling over you all the time.” She commented, putting her finger through her hair. “None of them interest you in any way?”

Kat shook her head. “No.” Was all she said.

“Well, why not?” Gabby was curious now, and she needed to know more.

“Um…” Kat blushed furiously. “It’s kind of embarrassing, and not a lot of people know about it, actually.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to pry. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” Gabby said, looking down disappointedly.

Kat mustered up her courage and blurted out, “I’m gay.”

Gabby blushed slightly, making eye contact with her as her pupils dilated. “What?”

“Ah. Sorry I made you uncomfortable now. You must hate me.” Kat said, looking down in shame.

“No, no! I’m just surprised, that’s all.” Gabby said, and reached to hug her but realized they were both naked and that would be super weird.

“You sure you’re okay with it? My parents aren’t, so I kind of get it.” Kat said.

“Excuse me but your parents are pieces of shit if they don’t accept you for who you are.” Gabby said defensively. She felt extremely protective over her even though they’ve just known each other for a few weeks, and hated when Kat looked upset.

“Thank you for that.” Kat gave her a gentle smile, and stepped out of the shower. She wrapped herself in a towel, rubbing her body down and then reached for the clothes for work. She put it on slowly, and neither girls said a word to each other during the process, both very deep in thought. When she finally laced up her rollerblades, she smiled gently at Gabby, and they both separated for the rest of the day, neither really talking to each other much.

“What were they talking about?” Charlie asked, scratching his head.

“Dude. No idea.” Kyle replied. “But that was hot as fuck. I really needed that from all the exam stress. UGH I knew Kat had the hottest bod ever.”

“I changed my mind.” Sam said. “I’m back for Kat. God she’s gorgeous.”

“Hey! You said she would be mine!” Kyle groaned. He knew Sam was much hotter and taller than him, and Kat would totally be into him more.

“Nah. I said there were other hot girls around, but Kat is definitely the hottest.” He smirked, knowing that he was pissing Kyle off and enjoying it.

“Hey guys. Shush. Look who it is!” Charlie giggled. It seemed Destiny used the facility as well, and she looked around to see if any of the girls were left before taking her clothes off. “Ew! She’s so wrinkly!”

“Let me see!” Kyle said, shoving him to the side.

“No! I want to see first.” Sam said, now shoving Kyle. He had done it too hard though, and Kyle banged against the locker, his body slamming against it as the sound echoed through the locker room.

“Who is that?” Destiny called out, and approached them.

“Quick, run!” Charlie screamed. The three boys grabbed their bags as Destiny turned the corner.

“Run Run!” Kyle yelled.

“Hey what the hell are you three doing here?” Destiny screamed, running after them with her naked body, her sagging breasts flapping against her stomach as she did so.

“Ah! A ugly old naked woman is running after us!” Sam screamed out, giggling.

“Who the hell are you calling ugly?” Destiny yelled before throwing one pair of rollerblades at him.

He narrowly dodged, and the three boys exited out the back entrance, laughing hysterically and wiping tears from their eyes.

“I guess we’re not going back there any time soon.” Charlie said, wiping the tears from his eyes.

“Oh god Destiny is never going to forgive you, you know?” Kyle said to Sam, who nodded in agreement.

“That was a wild ride boys. I gotta go now. But damn we should do that again, hit me up on any plans you have in the future okay?” He grinned.

Kyle frowned. “As long as you’re not at my girl.”

“I can’t promise anything.” Sam replied, and held out his fist for a fist bump. Kyle considered it for a few seconds, then nodded, giving him the first bump he clearly deserved. He was used to only having Charlie around, and thought he might like a new dynamic to the group. Sam gave Charlie a fist bump as well before heading off, picking up his skateboard from the side of the building.

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Oct 17, 2020

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