The Babe Arcade (Pt. 5: A Little Big Secret)

“Hey.” Kat said, leaning against the cashier as she spotted Gabby entering for her shift.

“Hey.” Gabby replied nervously, biting her lip and looking down at the floor. She didn’t say anything else, and moved to leave.

“Um.” Kat said, and Gabby turned around to look at her. “I just wanted to ask--” She gulped. “Have you been avoiding me recently?”

Gabby sighed, and looked away nervously. “No. Not at all.” She thought about it. “Okay maybe a little.”

Kat felt her heart race, her pulse beating hard against her throat. It seemed she forgot how to swallow as well, not to mention the empty pit at the base of her stomach. “Why?” She could feel tears forming in her eyes. Gabby said she was okay with her being gay, but now she was acting all aloof. She has been avoiding her for a week now, and she was sick and tired of people treating her that way, especially someone she cared about so much.

“Listen--” Gabby began, but was interrupted by Destiny, who walked over with a giant purse in her hand.

“Hey Gabz. Looking great today.” She grinned.

“Hey Destiny.” Gabby said, smiling gently at her.

“Kat. I’m going to head out now. Do you mind staying for the evening shift and closing down for me?” Destiny asked.

Kat blushed furiously, realizing that meant she would have to stay alone for a few hours with Gabby. “No, no I can’t. I have plans.”

“We both know you’re lying and you never have plans.” Destiny scoffed. “C’mon girl. I’m basically your mom. Do a girl a favour?” She begged.

Kat grumbled. “Fine. But you owe me.”

“Thanks sweetheart.” She blew her kisses on either cheek and walked off, waving her hand at the girls behind her.

“Hey! Can I order some more food?” A customer asked, and Gabby looked at Kat apologetically before walking off.

Kat spent the rest of the evening in immense worry. She’s never felt so bad in her life. She felt like she wanted to puke. She had no idea what Gabby wanted to say to her, but it clearly wasn’t going to be good. Even though she had years of experience with the same menu, she kept forgetting what people ordered, and one of her worst tip nights yet. She was a complete mess and she hated herself for it.

What was worse, Kyle and Charlie hadn’t visited for an entire week, but they wouldn’t stop sending her packages and letters to make up for their absence. On the first day, Kyle sent her one rose, a single rose and his name on it. The next day, another mixtape he made for her full of video game songs. This kept escalating until he hired men to sing to her yesterday. She ignored them all, not knowing how to tell Kyle to stop torturing her. This time though, he went to the extremes.

While she was serving a customer next to Gabby, a man with a significant beard walked over to her, a serious expression on his face. “Hello, are you Kat?” He asked.

“Yes, who’s asking?” She replied, leaning on one leg and jutting her ass out.

“Kyle has a message for you.” He replied.

She groaned loudly, walking away from him immediately.

“Hey wait!” He called out, and she turned around dramatically.

“What does he want now?” Kat asked harshly.

“Awe, don’t be mean Kat, this guy means no harm.” Gabby said, watching the exchange uncomfortably.

Kat glanced at her, her face crimson. She couldn’t believe Gabby was defending this kind of behaviour. She’s clearly lost all faith in her. She could feel the tie between them snap in half.

He glanced at both of them, and pulled out a sheet of crumbled paper. “Kat, Kat. Oh beautiful Kat.” He started.

“Hair like gold, soul like the sun.” The two customers that Kat was serving started giggling madly. She’s never been so embarrassed. “Oh Kat, why won’t you love me? In my life, there's been heartache and pain. I don't know if I can face it again. I can't stop now, I've traveled so far, to change this lonely life. I wanna know what love is. I want you to show me. Oh Kat. I wanna know what love is. Fin.” He concluded, bowing dramatically. It was taken word for word from a song he put on every single tape he made for her.

“Christ.” She said under her breath. She ignored the guy, turning to Gabby instead. “Is this how you’re going to treat me now that you know my secret? Huh? Is this how you treat friends that care about you? What the hell is your problem?” Tears streamed down her face while she spoke, and she wiped it away, running in the opposite direction before she could see the hurt in Gabby’s face.

“Wait!” Gabby called out. She wanted to run after her, but she had customers that were completely shocked from the experience. Destiny would kill them if she found out what they did. “You need to leave. Now.” She said to the bearded man. “I’m sorry, she doesn’t mean to be rude. It's just… this guy has been harassing her for quite some time now and she’s tired of it.” She explained.

He nodded. “Sorry, I had no idea. I’ll give him the money back. I don’t want to work for no man like that.”

“Thank you.” She said before finishing up taking the orders. After she passed it to the chefs, she walked around the establishment, looking for Kat.

“Kat? Where are you?” She called out in a hush tone around every corner.

Finally, she reached the locker room, where Kat was dramatically sitting in the corner staring at the ground, tears still running down her face. “Kat?” She asked.

Kat looked up at her, but didn’t say a word. She simply sniffed up the snot that was running down her nose and wiped her tears with her tight Babe Arcade shirt. Gabby went to one of the bathroom stalls and grabbed some tissues for her before plopping down next to her, grunting slightly as she hit the cold concrete floor.

“Thanks.” Kat mumbled when she passed her the tissues.

“Hey… we really need to talk.” Gabby said, clearing her throat slightly.

“I don’t really think we have anything to talk about.” Kat rolled her eyes, turning away from her slightly to hide the sadness in her face.

“Yeah. We clearly do.” Gabby replied. “Listen, I didn’t mean to ignore you all week, and didn’t mean for it to look like that.”

“Well, it clearly looked like it to me. If you were homophobic you could’ve just said so in the first place, or maybe not insist for me to tell you?” Kat replied angrily.

“I’m not homophobic.” Kat scoffed at that. “Hey!” She turned her around to look at her, determination in her eyes. “Don’t call me something I’m not. It’s very offensive.”

Kat looked down, “Okay. Sorry. Then why were you ignoring me?”

Gabby blushed. “I think… I think I might be gay too.” Kat’s eyes widened, but she didn’t say anything, she knew Gabby wanted to explain more. “I never really thought of it before you mentioned it, but I’ve never been into guys. None of them have attracted me in any way. Honestly, I thought I was just not the type to be into sex or a relationship. That is, until I met you.” Kat’s mouth gaped open. “There was just some kind of connection between us that I can’t explain… and you’re honestly so gorgeous and such a beautiful human being. I’d love to explore more of this.” She pointed between them. “But I’m so scared. I’ve never been with anyone before, let alone a woman.”

“I’ve never been with anyone either.” Kat whispered.

“You see why I was so distant? I was so lost in these confusing thoughts.” Gabby said.

“I can’t believe you’re into me, too.” Kat said. “Am I dreaming?” She pinched herself.

Gabby burst out laughing. “You’re hilarious, you make me laugh all the time. Of course I’m into you. Also, I totally noticed you staring at me all the time, especially in the shower.”

“I knew it!” Kat said, grinning.

Gabby moved forwards awkwardly, pressing her forehead against Kat and breathing heavily. “I don’t want you to be mad at me.” She whispered.

“I’m not mad at you.” Gabby stared at her. “Okay… I’m not mad at you anymore.” Kat giggled. She could feel Gabby’s breath on her, and she gulped, not believing she was so close to the woman of her dreams. It was unbelievable. She felt heated, warm inside, and she desperately wanted to get closer to her. She closed the gap a little more, their lips so close to each other she could almost feel it. She couldn’t help it anymore, she moved the final inch and closed the gap between them, pressing her lips firmly against Gabby’s. The other girl responded immediately, pressing her lips hard against Kat’s and moaning as she did. Their lips parted together, opening and closing as they desperately searched for more. Their tongues intertangled as Gabby laced her fingers through Kat’s locks, grabbing her tighter as Kat put her fingers on her waist. They were both inexperienced, but went with what their body dictated, grabbing onto each other with all their might, exploring their needs for the first time. It was liberating, and mind blowing, and they both shook from the thrill.

“Hello?” A voice called out, it was one of their customers. The girls split apart in an instant, both realizing they had abandoned the entire arcade during this.

“Oh god, we need to go back.” Gabby said urgently. Kat grabbed her neck and gave her a firm kiss on her lips.

“We’re continuing this later.” She kinked before rollerblading off.

Gabby stared at her, completely speechless. She could tell she would be in for a wild ride.


1414 Written by Ariyana
Nov 3, 2020

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