Jo Fella's Gentlemen's Club 2021 (Remake) - The adult strip club sim

Jo Fella's Gentlemen's Club 2021 (Remake) - The adult strip club sim

The sleazy classic Facebook game called Jo Fella's Gentlemen's Club from 2016 returns with this modern, and much kinkier NSFW remake. Complete with upgraded gameplay elements, better graphics, steamy visuals and a lot more sex scenes to unlock.

In the mood for managing your own strip club? If so, this game right here will likely be the perfect fit for you!

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game

Whether or not you've played the original strip club business simulator game back in the day or not, in both cases you're in for a treat. Even to those that are already familiar with the original game, with all the new features that have been added, it's definitely worth giving this 2021 remake a try as it delivers a totally new gaming experience. Simply calling this an "upgrade", wouldn't do it justice!

And why wouldn't you give it a shot? Considering the game is entirely free to play on the Nutaku website, and can be played directly inside your browser. The game is also available as downloadable versions for Windows and Android devices.

Oh, did I forgot to mention there's also a total of 60 unlockable nude images and plenty of uncensored, animated hardcore sex scenes to be found inside the game? That's right, things tend to get a little freaky inside a gentlemen's club, but that's something you're about to find out for yourself in just a second.

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game sex scene threesome

So, how "freaky" exactly? Let's dive into the free to play remake of the classic Jo Fella's Gentlemen's Club strip club simulator game. And yes, it's exactly that type of game that you'll get to play with just a single hand, if you know what I mean. ;)

Who the F*ck is Jo Fella? [Storyline]

Meet Jo Fella, the protagonist of this brand new NSFW game available on the Nutaku (adult games) platform.

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game hello jo fella

Jo doesn't ring a bell? It's that cool dude wearing his white suit (not to be confused with that other well known sleazy guy from the Leisure Suit Larry game franchise), always looking fine for the ladies. You know... that guy that once upon a time used to be the manager of the most popular strip club in town - aka Moe's Hoes!

Well, that used to be the case until he had been flirting just a little bit too much with one of his "colleagues" at Moe's Hoes. Fair is fair, you can't really blame poor Jo over here, as that colleague happens to be a totally hot blonde bombshell called Trish.

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game trish

On top of that, she also happens to be taking off her clothes on a regular base, treating the thirsty customers at the bar, as well as Jo, on the beautiful, fully uncovered sight of her juicy double D's, in the most seducing ways you could ever imagine.

Not only that, Trish even had a "thing" for Jo and especially a thing for his, and I quote Trish: "his giant cock".

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game

This might all sounds like a better love story than Twilight so far, and Jo appears to be one hell of a lucky bastard, the type of guy that just has it all - the swagger, the sleazy suit, a job as a manager at the best running strip club in the area, and on top of it all - Jo got to bang a busty blonde stripper... while on the job! Basically, he was getting paid while fucking.

That's right, essentially, Jo got paid while sticking his hard rod inside a soaking wet pussy. Ain't that the American dream? Well, he did got paid while banging Trish until that one day when the big boss himself, aka Moe, walked into room and the the horny couple got caught in the act.

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game meet joe fella

That's the story how poor Jo, and I quote: "lost his fucking job" that day. Oh, did I forgot to mention that this cock-craving blonde stripper actually is Moe's wife?

There you have it, now you know how Jo Fella lost it all. I know what you're thinking here - how the hell do you know all of this? The answer is simple - that's how the first minute of the 2021 adult game "Jo Fella's Gentlemen's Club" plays out. This game sure isn't wasting anytime and starts right off with an animated intro scene explaining the game's back-story.

And well, it works! The tone has been set right off the bat as the player immediately finds out he's up for some sleazy fun. Sexy, but without taking itself too seriously.

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game

What comes next? With our hero Jo over here being out of a job and with just the bare minimum cash at hand, he only has one thing left he can leverage - his experience working as a strip club manager.

You see, Jo is out for revenge and determined to his final goal - starting his own strip club in order to kick Moe off his thrown as the coolest, most profitable and crowded strip club in town. And ok, perhaps he might be shaggin' a couple of lustful "employees" along the way as well. Let's not forget, Jo has quite the impressive size schlong after all and the chicks... they love him for that.

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game rumor has it

It's up to the player to help Jo out while trying to run his own strip club from scratch, starting out with the bare minimum. If you, the player, would be up for the task in growing Jo's business from the bottom to the top, you better be prepared for a whole lot of sizzling hot nude stills and H-scenes.

If you play your cards right, the player will be rewarded on plenty of uncensored eye-candy popping up all over the screen.

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game

And boy, this adult business sim sure is rewarding. If you thought Santa was generous with throwing around treats, you've ain't seen nothing yet.

Forget about Zoo keeping in Zoo Tycoon, taking care of sick patients in Hospital Tycoon or preventing a disaster from happening in your town in the classic Sim City videogames, wait until you've played a real business simulator game... the strip club business, that is!

Welcome to the adult entertainment industry. That sure is one way to add an extra layer of excitement to the usual "business sim" elements.

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game sex scene ebony stripper

In fact, with an unlimited supply of beer, booze, breasts, 24/7 stripping girls, not to mention a whole lot of steamy sex going on in between, going to the workplace at Jo Fella's "Gentlemen's Club" isn't exactly your typical kind of job. Some might even call it heaven on Earth... but is it truly?

Before we'll be surrounded with titties all day, everyday, we're pretty much left with just some spare pocket change to get started with. That's when the player's real challenge comes into play - growing his business. Let's dive a little deeper into the latest Nutaku adult game releases, shall we?

Jo Fella's Gentlemen's Club 2021 vs 2016 [Remake Comparison]

After the intro sequence, the player gets introduced to the actual gameplay with a tutorial style level which explains all the basics of how to run a full-blown strip club and most important - how to grow and generate more revenue.

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game tutorial level

But before we'll dive deeper into the gameplay, we need to go back a little but further in time...

You see, This recently released adult game isn't the first of its kind. It's not the first adult business sim, but it's also not the first strip club business simulator either. In fact, Jo Fella's Gentlemen's Club is a total remake of the 2016 game with the same title, which got released on the Facebook Games platform, back in the day.

Yeah, remember those good old days when Facebook Games used to be "a thing", back in the day? Their platform sure exploded with all those popular Match-3 games like Candy Crush (or see adult alternative below).

match porn games alternative bejeweled puzzles and panties

Play Puzzles & Panties (free)

Oddly enough, the 2016 version of this "strip joint business simulator" belonged to that very same list of Facebook games. Who knew Mark Zuckerberg was into boobies? I always thought he would be more the kind of guy that's interested in your data instead? Oh well... Word is out, even "the Zuck" worships his fair share of hooters!

The remake is fully uncensored!

More good news is the fact that this modern version actually got released on Nutaku, which means, there won't be any restrictions in terms of kinky content. Simply put, you can expect hardcore XXX scenes popping up on your screen while playing the remake.

The 2016 version simply wasn't 100% fully uncensored due to the platform it was released on, being - Facebook Games.

Those among us that have been playing these type of "one hand playable" games for a little bit longer might have probably already recognized the title, or perhaps even remember playing the original Jo Fella game back in 2016.

If you do, and if you enjoyed playing the original version, you'll be loving this upgraded version even more. This remake does stay true to its original version in terms of gameplay. Heck, even the 2016 version starts with an animated intro. Basically, they kept all the good parts and gave it a huge facelift, while at the same time, improving some of the original game's flaws.

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game side by side comparison

The game studio Evil Twin Games did a great job by adding fresh new gameplay elements and additional features, more spicy art and animated scenes and the best part, they gave the graphics and visuals a huge upgrade.

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game art style comparison

Don't just take our word for it, see the little side by side comparisons above, and you'll know what I mean. Just compare the two different art styles... Now that's quite the makeover, ain't it?

Fun fact: The only remaining team member from the original 2016 developers team - aka Brutal Studio - that was involved with this remake, would be the art designer Mario Boutin (who was also one of the three original founders).

That's right, even though the art styles are completely different in these two versions, it's done by the very same artist!

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game sex scene riding on top

Another reason why this remake was needed so badly? The original 2016 browser version of this game was made using Adobe Flash, back in the days when Flash was still owned by Macromedia.

The Flash player is no longer supported inside the web browser since December 31, 2020. Therefore, this new developer's team had to rewrite the entire game from scratch using a different, more modern, (both browser and Android supported) game engine.

Gameplay - Managing the steamy work shifts of a strip joint

Similar to all the classic sim games like Rollercoaster Tycoon, Jo Fella's Gentlemen's Club also plays out in isometric view, which is a great choice because for some reason, it just works for these type of simulator games.

The player will be in Jo Fella's shoes and with just the minimum amount of cash at hand, we need to figure out a way to open up our bar and slowly turn it into a real cash cow.

Upon first play, the player gets to learn about managing the work shifts, as well as all the ingredients needed to lure customers to the bar. This is done through an easy to beat "tutorial level".

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game furniture

We start out with an empty building, the obvious first thing we'll need to purchase and build in would be a bar. But what would a bar be without liquor, right? Since we barely have any money at hand, we don't have much other choices than to start off with the cheapest liquor we can get our hands on.

Now that we have a bar counter, a fridge and cheap liquor, there's still an important factor missing here... Let's not forget, we're running a strip club here! Obviously, the next step would be to hire a busty lady to serve our thirsty customers. Beer without hooters just doesn't taste as good, right?

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game staff

With the little cash we've still got left, we'll need to get some furniture. For example, buy a couple of wooden chairs, a table and arguably the most important part of our little strip club over here - getting a strip pole and hiring the most affordable topless dancer in town. I mean, let's face it, the customers might be thirsty, but not just for the beers... They are thirsty for hot girls flashing their juicy knockers, just as much!

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game customize your club

Next up, we'll hire some big guy to be the bouncer in order to collect entrance money, as well as a "busboy" to do all our dirty work such as making sure the fridge gets refilled with more beer and the tables get cleaned up.

With this being the bare minimum requirements to be able to treat our customers to some fine adult entertainment, we are now ready for the real work and take care of each and every work shift. Simply put, It's finally time to open up our strip club (aka Jo Fella's Gentlemen's Club) and welcome our guests.

Taking care of business [Game Objective]

The premise is simple - generate and grow the club's revenue. The game plays out in work shifts, each of which will restart when the timer runs out. During that period, the player's task is to make the most cash as possible, by making sure the bar lady serves drinks in time or when the table is getting full to make sure it gets cleaned (making room for the customer to put their drinks on) and obviously - we got to make sure they get some real spicy eye-candy and enough shows to enjoy so they'll stick around as long as possible.

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game end of shift

Each work shift will allow you to make revenue, and here's where's the tactics will start to play a role. What do you do with that well earned cash? Well, to speed things up, a good idea would be to reinvest that money in order to expand the strip club even further.

By adding more furniture, you'll be creating more space and thus, make room for more customers to be able sit down, have a drink while enjoying some sleazy entertainment.

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game isabella

Upgrading your small bar to a bigger one and scheduling in more employees during a single work shift, will allow you to serve more customers more drinks and more quickly. As a result, also grow your revenue at a much faster pace.

Or what about a VIP lounge? That will probably lure some big whales in.

With a bigger budget at hand, the player also gets to hire more strippers. Booking a popular and well known stripper will likely end up getting the place pretty crowded. The more expernsive the girls, the more experience they have and likely, the more arousing the show.

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game

Long story short, reinvesting your earned income is the only way to grow and eventually meet your end goal to become the number one strip club owner (and ok, perhaps also to win over Trish, the wife of your biggest rival called Moe).

Running a strip club... How "hard" can it be?

The learning curve is fairly simple, just click on the menu button to manage all your needs. In terms of gameplay, it's exactly as you would expect from such a type of game - just select any the tabs to upgrade or purchase new items, hiring staff, different brands of liquor etc.

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game drinks menu screen

Each of those categories are divided into tabs as well. For example, when browsing the "club items", there's four different tabs to explore - equipment, interior, decor (art and decoration) and for the big ballers among us, there's a tab with VIP items. Same thing goes for staff, there's a tab where you'll find all bouncers, of course a tab dedicated to all available strippers, and so on.

Once you've purchased a club item, you'll get to freely move around the bar in isometric view and place that item wherever you'd want with a simple click. Those that ever played any of the popular mainstream simulator games are probably already familiar with these so-called "point and select" style game mechanics.

It's simple and straight forward and fits the game, like it is suppose to be. Oh, and it also only requires one hand to control. How about that?

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game sex scenes unlocked screenshot

The longer you play, the more items and strippers you'll unlock, which in return results into new situations appearing and additional gameplay features being added during the daily work shifts... And eventually, the more nude girls and hot and steamy animated sex scenes will unfold on your screen.

At later stages, the player even gets to explore and expand his business beyond his own gentlemen's club or might move into a bigger building.

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game upgrade buildings

What better way to increase revenue by expanding, right? For example, once the player reaches level 71, he gets to expand his business to other buildings as well as the parking lot, just to give a few examples.

What happens at the strip club stays at the strip club? [Sex scenes]

If the player manages to run a successful strip club and keeps on growing his in-game revenue stream, there's more sizzling hot sex scenes and steamy pictures to unlock.

It's one of those key elements of an adult game that keeps you coming back for more (and gives you a pretty damn good reason to keep on playing). It's like playing a Pokémon game while trying to catch 'em all, but in this case - trying to unlock 'em all... uncensored sex scenes, that is!

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game  sex scenes

Jo Fella's Gentlemen's Club offers a total of 60 unlockable images and a whole lot of animated XXX scenes, each of which showcase one of the 30 available exotic dancers that are included in this game.

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game sex scene topless girls in the bar

While the original version of the game from 2016 used a bit more cartoony style visuals, this remake right here on the "other hand", treats its players to a much sexier art style, complete with highly arousing animated scenes.

Mysterious suitcases in the back alley [Bonuses]

Every once and a while after you've finished a work shift, you'll notice there's a mysterious suitcase laying around in the back alley. If you're lucky, you'll might discover a few bonus perks whenever you open up these suitcases.

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game mysterious suitcase

Bonuses may vary from extra cash to so-called tease tokens (more valuable than money, in comparison) but even nude photos or fully animated sex scenes!

Feeling lucky? What about a daily spin? The chick next to the lucky wheel sure makes it look tempting. Even more so when you start hearing her moan out loud (in the background)

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game spin the wheel

Every 24 hours, another neat bonus opportunity arises by letting this sexy, pigtailed, busty blonde bombshell (wearing nothing but a short skirt, stockings and a skimpy bra) spin the wheel to win some awesome prices. You could win piles of cash, tease tokens, special liquor to sell at the club, a mystery price and even unlock more spicy sex scenes.

You could also use the revenue you've made so far and take a couple of extra spins, but only if you're feeling really lucky, because it remains a bit of a gamble. There's always the chance you'll end up losing some of your current in-game scores.

It's like Lemmy, the lead singer of Motorhead used to sing in Ace of Spades - "You win some, lose some, it's all the same to me".

So I'll leave that decision entirely up to you.

The game also includes a bunch of additional mini games. Think of mini games such as a "blowjob game", which if you win, will earn you some extra cash. Just make sure to get your timing right and enjoy watching the extra bonus sex scenes.

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game mini games blowjob

Another way to gain even more points is to win one of the many challenges. While some are quite easy to win, such as "starting a work shift for the first time", other achievements may range from "hiring and scheduling 3 different strippers during a single work shift" to achievements such as hiring Jo Fella's one and only true love, the girl of his wet dreams - the sexy stripper Trish!

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game achievements menu screen

Especially after playing for a while, achievements will get harder and harder (similar to your boner while trying to unlocking more and more hot pictures and videos, as the game progresses).

Is Jo Fella's Gentlemen's Club worth playing? [Summary]

With a ton of gameplay elements to explore, mini games to beat and sex scenes to unlock, building your own strip club empire in this remake of Jo Fella's Gentlemen's Club will likely keep you occupied for many days to come.

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game many strippers gameplay

It's fun and sleazy while offering interesting gameplay, especially fans of simulator games will be enjoying this one, but on top of that - 100% delivers on the kinky parts. There's plenty of sex happening while playing this title right here. But then again, what did you expect from a game that takes place inside a strip club, right?

Fun Factor
Sexy Characters
Sex Scenes & Visuals

Jo Fella's Gentlemen's Club is available as a free to play game directly inside your browser, with downloadable versions for PC and Android also being available. Where to find this game? Right here on the Nutaku platform, home of hundreds of porn and hentai game titles.

Play Gentlemen's Club (Free)

Have fun running your own strip joint!

Similar Titles? Bonus strippers, coming up!

Speaking of strippers, there's also the iStripper app for Windows PC, which transforms your computer into a full-blown strip club at home.

The iStripper application adds stripping girls on your Windows task bar. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. This would be a great alternative to those that are more the voyeur type and simply like to watch.

Strip shows even include famous porn stars, as well as all sorts of different cosplay themed stripteases. Go download the app, free of charge, at

While we're at it, another similar style of adult business simulator game, and one of the biggest juggernauts of last year, would be Fap CEO. A NSFW game which is also 100% worth checking out. Even though you won't be managing a strip club in the Fap CEO game, instead, you will need to fit the shoes of the CEO of an adult webcam company.

jo fellas gentlemens club remake strip club sim adult game similar fapceo

Are you up for the task? You can play Fap CEO right here. Enjoy exploring the (virtual) adult entertainment industry! It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it...

The future for Evil Twin Games studio?

I've also reached out to the developers team behind the Jo Fella's Gentlemen's Club game - Evil Twin Games - and had a quick chat with its founder, since I was curious if any more spicy NSFW games were in development.

When asked about any future plans for adult games by Evil Twin Games, the founder replied with; "we do plan on developing and releasing other adult games"... Now that sounds like good news to me! Can't wait to see what wild type of videogames, these guys have in store for us next.

But for now, try building your own strip club empire! Click the button below and start playing. Time to unlock those sizzling hot sex scenes, woohoo!

Play Jo Fella's Gentlemen's Club
Jan 27, 2022

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