The Babe Arcade (Pt. 3: Joystick Ride 1985)

Kat sighed, glancing out the window and twirling her hair. To say she was bored was an understatement. She knew she wanted something better for her life, but none of the other jobs she applied for were even remotely interested in her. So- she was stuck here, taking care of boys that couldn’t stop themselves from staring at her all day, and having to hide her true feelings. That she didn’t want dick- she wanted all the tits she could get her hands on.

Destiny would be so mad if she ever told any of the boys she would never be interested in her. She would probably fire her immediately, which was not an option after her parents kicked her out for skipping school so much. The other girls treated her badly as well- she was the most popular girl, with her brunette hair and DD breasts, and they were all quite jealous of all the tips she got from the guys- which was only really shared with Destiny.

“Scoot over, girl.” She heard a rough voice said, one of Destiny’s older boyfriends that she had asked to help out with the event they were having that weekend- the joystick riding contest. It was something Destiny’s brilliant mind came up with a few years ago and a tradition ever since. Whoever can ride on the joystick the longest gets to make out with the girl who stays on the longest as well- both were crowned the King and Queen of the arcade. The two guys Destiny had asked to help out rolled the giant joystick past her and set it in the centre of the arcade, surrounded by lots of posters and signs of the girls winking and eating hot dogs, which were embedded deep in their throats. She couldn’t believe they were having the ridiculous event again. Destiny was milking it hard this year- she advertised it on all the local radios.

“Ladies and gentleman, girls and boys! Do you think you can destroy my girls in a round of joystick riding? Whoever rides on the joystick the longest gets to get the girl of their dreams. Bring your weapons of mass destruction with you and your big bad sword and let’s do this thing. Saturday and Sunday from 6pm onwards at the Babe Arcade. Don’t miss it!” It played on the radio so often with the Miss Pacman tune playing behind it that Kat had to stop listening to the radio completely to remove her boss’s voice speaking at her over and over even if she wasn’t at work. Destiny, on the hand, was loving it. She kept going on about how she should be a professional radio host and people would love that- she would talk about all her past bangs and people could call and ask her questions about it and she could give sex advice. Kat rolled her eyes at the thought.

“Hey Kat, come over here.” Destiny called, and Kat turned around, looking at her standing with a girl by the counter. As she approached, she internally gasped. She was the most gorgeous girl she’s ever seen in her life- sexy but she didn’t know it, with full lips and those nerdy glasses she loves so much, her straight hair went past her beautiful ass and she stood, leaning on one leg like she had no care in the world.

Kat stood there, gaping at her like an idiot. “Uh… hi.” Was all she could muster.

“Hey.” The other girl said, smiling gently.

“This is Gabby- she’s new here- obviously. We need more help with the Joystick riding this year- we have way more people wanting to come than I thought. Clearly the radio ads have been working. Anyways, she’s going to start here part-time for now, and I let her know you can give her the tour and run-around since you’re the favourite of our customers. Yeah?” Destiny smiled, patting the new girl on the back a few times as she looked up at her uncomfortably.

“Shall we?” Kat said. Gabby nodded, smiling at her as she followed. Kat repeated to herself- You will not act stupid like the boys that fangirl over you. You will not act stupid. Oh god please don’t act stupid. Shhhh…. She’s expecting me to start talking. Shit.

“Hey so… what got you interested in working at the Babe Arcade?” Kat asked, trying to make conversation as they walked towards the games.

“I just love dressing up in slutty clothes and having guys drool over how gorgeous I am.” Gabby replied, laughing. “Okay- no. I just need the cash. I’ve been really into grass lately and it costs a lot, man.”

“You. Are. So. Cool.” Kat said, then covered her mouth, “Oh god did I say that out loud?”

Gabby laughed again, “Haha. You’re cool too. You’re absolutely gorgeous.”

Kat turned a bright red, “I’m gorgeous?”

“Yeah! I’m sure people tell you that all the time.” Gabby replied.

“Oh. Yeah.” Kat said, leaning against a pole and missing, then falling to the ground on her face.

“Are you okay?!” Gabby screamed, looking down at her.

Kat’s blush hardened, and she looked down on the ground, wanting to disappear inside it and never come out. “Yeah, sorry. I’m a klutz sometimes.”

“Don’t worry about it.” She laughed once more. “I’m a klutz too.” Oh wow she’s so understanding. Kat thought, swooning. Gabby leaned down, putting her hand out to grab Kat. As they touched, Kat shivered, feeling all kinds of feelings from her head all the way to her core. She wanted Gabby bad- is this what all the boys felt like when she gave them attention?

As she stood up and Gabby let her go. She pat herself down, grunting awkwardly a few times. “Okay, let’s do the tour.” She led Gabby to where she could put her stuff down, take a shower, and set up a locker for her. She then toured her around to the most popular video games, letting her know all the important places to flirt with the boys.

“Wow, you really know a lot.” Gabby said, grinning.

“Yeah… I’ve been here a while.” Kat sighed, “Wish I could get out of this hellhole.”

Gabby laughed, “Are you sure that’s what you should be telling someone on their first day here?”

“Dude. You know it sucks. Don’t even lie.” Kat leaned against a pole successfully this time.

“I don’t know… I’m kinda a gamer myself. Destiny told me I can come as much as I want for free, and you get free food and drinks, too. Also, the decoration is really cool! Everything is so glow-in-the-dark! How do they even do that?”

Kat blushed. She’s so cute!!! “Yeah, I can see the appeal.”

Gabby raised her eyebrows, but before she could say much, Kyle and Charlie approached, waving at her happily. “Hey guys. Gabby this is Kyle and Charlie, two of our regulars. They’re here almost everyday.” She rolled her eyes.

Gabby smiled at them with the fakest customer service smile she could muster, “Hey! I’m Gabby! Please show me around when you can!”

“You’re so cute.” Charlie said, nudging Kyle a few times.

“Okay Bro- I see her, too. You don’t have to destroy my ribs in the process.” Kyle grumbled, then turned his attention to Kat. Kat wasn’t paying attention to him though- she was fuming at someone else complimenting her girl. She’s mine! She thought.

“You’re all so nice!” Gabby said. “Can I get you anything to eat or drink?”

“Damn, you’re a natural.” Kat said, looking at her in awe.

“I’ve been in the customer service business for quite some time now!” Gabby explained.

Kat nodded, then handed Gabby her notepad and pen for her to jot down their orders. The rest of the day went by pretty quickly. Most of the girls were either serving customers or helping Destiny set up for the big event. There were lots to do, and very little time to do it. They considered shutting down the place the next morning, but Destiny was interested in all the profits they could muster, and insisted they would be fine. Gabby was indeed a natural, the customers were already swooning over her, and she made subtle dips to show her breasts and bent down to show her ass so much her tip almost rivaled Kat’s. To say she was jealous was an understatement.

The next afternoon, the girls roller-skated around, taking all the orders for beer, doggy style hot dogs and fries they could as the tournament was finally beginning. It was structured to be a tournament, the girls against each other and the boys against each other until a king and queen was finally crowned. Kat hated the competition, but when she overheard how excited Gabby was about it, she pretended she was interested as well, and secretly wanted to show Gabby how well she could ride a joystick if she wanted to. She couldn’t help but imagine how they would do each other when they got the chance. She prayed and prayed that Gabby would be even remotely gay so she could have a chance with her- she was honestly the girl of her dreams.

“Kat! I love your outfit” Gabby exclaimed, looking at her. She was wearing a miniskirt that had gold embellishments and was low enough that her black thong was poking out for the boys to see. She wore a matching bra on top- cheerleader style- that had the words “Babe Arcade Joystick Ride 1985” written on top.

“Yeah… Destiny forced me to wear it. We’re all wearing the same thing but different colours on top. She said gold looked the best on me. It’s a shame you couldn’t get one in time.” Kat was honest about that one- she would’ve loved to see how Gabby looked in a short skirt and thongs.

“Maybe next year, if Destiny keeps me around that is!” Gabby smiled. “Gah, I’m so excited! This is such a genius idea.”

Kat internally rolled her eyes, and they both turned over to the arena (a makeshift wrestling match rope border with the words “Babe Arcade Tournament” written in terrible spray paint on the bottom and the giant joystick sitting in the middle). Destiny stood proud at her audience, wearing a long black robe that hung to the ground and a solemn expression on her face.

“Ladies and Gentleman. Girls and boys. I am Destiny. This year- this tournament, will be unlike what you’ve ever seen in your life. Grander. Bigger. It will blow your mind so hard it will take your brains out and spit it out onto the joystick for all the girls to ride. I promise you this will be the craziest you have ever seen it!” The crowd cheered, raising their beer bottles in salute to the queen of babe arcade. Destiny pulled the string to her gown, and it dropped in one smooth motion, showing her shimmery 80’s dress with sequins covering the entire thing. It must have cost a fortune. Her saggy arms waved to the crowd as the cheering got louder. “Come on, this Kart needs two riders. First two competitors, come on up, tetris onto the joystick and let’s do this thing.” She screamed into the mic then dropped it onto the ground, running out of the stage and pushing the first two girls into the arena.

That was how the night went on. Two girls or two boys would get into the arena and watch the other as they sat on the joystick as long as they could. It was a mad thing- Destiny put an old bull rider device on the highest speed, making it so that you could barely see the figures as they rode it. All euphemisms aside, the girls who were most used to riding their boyfriends seem to be the best at the competition, which gave Kat a huge disadvantage. She managed to win the first round, and so did Gabby, and when they were put next to each other for the second, Kat could barely breathe.

They stood side by side, Kat staring at Gabby as they were standing so close together, she could hold her hand if she wanted to. Destiny picked the mic up again to introduce them. “The new girl. The favourite of the Babe Arcade. Both predators of the wild. Jaguars. Cougars. Who will win? We shall see.” Kat rolled her eyes, Destiny was always so dramatic. She kind of loved that she was enjoying herself though, Destiny was really like a mom to her- okay, maybe a grandma.

“Ready?” Gabby asked, winking. Kat almost fainted from how hot that was, but composed herself, and let Gabby go first. She was good- almost too good, she rode the joystick for almost 30 seconds, almost beating the best record. Kat was getting worried- what if she was good at riding the joystick because she was so good at riding dick? Oh god don’t think about that now. You have to beat her to earn her respect.

Kat had never been so determined her entire life. She had to beat her. And after swinging back and forth screaming on top of her lungs for 32 seconds. She did. The crowd cheered her name over and over, and she got the momentum she needed to move onto the semifinals. She could barely sleep that night, Gabby was so excited for her, talking about it all night as they changed back to their normal clothes and showered before going home. Kat had to stop herself from looking at Gabby when she was naked and showering- don’t be a creep.

The next day, she arrived with a clear head. She wanted to win so badly- she’s never even come close before, and for some reason, she was willing to kill for the title of Queen of Babe Arcade. It was going to happen. She rode that joystick like she never did before, bouncing up and down and calling out like a cowboy. She got to 40 seconds and got kicked off, landing on the mat with a huge thud. Gabby cheered the loudest, running up to her and giving her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. Kat was so shocked she could feel her knees give out, and she did as she landed on the floor again. After that, it was the boy’s turn. A new guy named Brad was winning by a longshot, and his dirty grin made Kat nervous.

Until then, she had not been thinking about the fact that she could have to kiss ‘the king’. She had definitely kissed guys before, not one that was that gross. He looked like a jock, tall and big, and someone who bullied little kids that frequented this place for fun. She had no idea what he was even doing here. Maybe it was because he heard he could make out with a hot girl? She shivered. What did she get herself into? When he did finally win, she wanted to run away and never come back. Destiny whispered in her ear, “I’ll give you some of the prize money. Please, do it for me.” She groaned, that meant she had to.

The crowd chanted their names over and over as he grinned and approached her, looking like he wanted to devour her from head to toe. “Damn babe, I’m already hard.” Ahhhhhhh. She thought. He pulled her waist into him roughly, and put his sloppy mouth on her. He tasted like old bread and cheese. She counted to 5 Mississippi’s, and tried to move back when he pulled her in harder. She pushed his shoulders, her heartbeat increasing as she started to become worried. He grabbed her ass, hard, and before she could slap him from pure anger- someone else came to the rescue instead. Gabby screamed out as she slammed his head with a broken piece of Donkey Kong- which fell out a few nights ago when a few guys got too rowdy. He screamed out loud (like Donkey Kong) and fainted. The crowd cheered again, but this time with Gabby and Kat’s names instead. “No one fucking touches my girl.” Gabby announced.

Kat looked at her, her eyes completely wide. “Oh my god I’m in trouble.” She said to herself.

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1899 Written by Ariyana
Sep 23, 2020

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