The Babe Arcade (Pt. 2: Hot Girls Inside)

The lights flickered on the sign above them, “Babe Arcade.” It was a neon logo that showed a girl with big bosoms holding a controller, pointing at the door to welcome guests, her arm moving up and down every few seconds. The double doors were still, it was 3am and final call was just 30 minutes before. Destiny had locked up just a few minutes before after finishing counting the cash for the day and balancing the accounts. It was around 3:16a.m. when two figures approach the door, slowly but eagerly. They were both average in height, and equally as lanky. The first figure hushed the second, waving him forwards.

“I don’t feel so good about this, Kyle.” The second figure said, following him slowly.

“You were all eager to do it with me this afternoon! Stop being a pussy and come.” Kyle yelled, then ended his statement in a whisper.

“This is your fake girlfriend we’re stalking, why do I have to come?”

“Because we’re buddies and I’d do the same for you.” Kyle crossed his arms, tapping his feet impatiently.

“Okay, Okay.” He replied, smiling and leaning against the windows of the establishment.

“Well, are you going to help, Charlie?” He glared at his friend. They were both wearing the same band shirts they wore a few hours before when they first visited Babe Arcade that day, but now they have returned with pit stains from skateboarding and sitting outside on their porch checking out girls all day. Charlie had short curly auburn hair and large black glasses, common for boys his age who spent all day playing video games at the arcade. He had a smug smile (even though he’s never really done anything in life), and an upturned nose. Kyle was slightly taller, and shier than his friend. He had constantly gelled messy black locks and a scar on his forehead. Some people thought it looked like a light bolt, but he normally just dismissed it. Both were in their last year of high school, waiting for their community college applications to come through.

“How are you even going to break in?” Charlie said, unhelpfully.

Kyle studied the door for a few seconds. “Any ideas?”

“Can’t we just look around for a key?” The door was bolted shut with a giant rusted lock, the best Destiny wanted to pay for.

“Are you kidding me? They couldn’t be that stupid.” They were. The key was under a giant fake cactus plant right by the door. There was even a tag on it that said ‘front door’. They opened the door and entered slowly, half expecting to trip over some kind of wire like in mini-dungeon video games- nothing happened. No one showed up. They immediately moved to the back where the girls had their lockers as well as multiple shower areas after they got sweaty from work. The showers were completely open- the boys gaped, imagining the girls showering naked and rubbing their bodies against each other after their shifts.

“Now what?” Charlie asked, wanting to go home ASAP.

“We gotta find out Kat’s secrets.” Kyle whispered aggressively to Charlie.

“First off, you don’t have to whisper. There’s no one here. Second off, don’t you think this is getting a little creepy? She clearly didn’t like the mixtape you made for her- I don’t think she’s even going to listen to it. Just give up. You’re going to get arrested.”

“Dude, if you don’t want to do this, just leave. I’m not forcing you.” Kyle was normally pretty calm, but at this point he just wanted to punch his friend in the face. Charlie stared at him for a few seconds, then sighed loudly, following Kyle to the locker room.

“Hmm….” Kyle said, reading the names written on the lockers which were spray painted on. Most of them had polaroid pictures of the girls with their friends and their boyfriends. Or their favourite boy band artists with hearts drawn on them with colourful lipstick. “There she is!” Kyle stopped at Kat’s locker, which was minimally decorated compared to the other girls. He slammed against it a few times, and the old rusted locker opened with a groan.

Kyle wailed when he looked inside it. There was nothing there. Some gum wrappers on the bottom and a few magazine pastings of models he’s never seen before. He did all this for nothing. He was hoping so bad to find something- anything- that could give him a chance with her- he thought about her day and night, wanking off in the shower imagining her mouth around him, sucking with those swollen lips. He wanted her desperately, and no one else. He was going to lose his virginity to her if that was the last thing he did. This locker plan was going to be his shot. And yet- nothing.

Charlie looked at his distraught friend, and patted him on the back. “Hey… don’t worry about it man, we’ll get her next time. I have another plan- maybe we’ll go talk to one of the other girls and see what they say. They’re always so nice to us, I’m sure they’ll help.”

Kyle looked at him, a tear almost forming in his eyes, “You sure, bro?”

“Yeah, bro.”

“Thanks, bro.”

Charlie grinned at him, getting an idea, “Hey! Why don’t we play on the machines since there’s no one here- I’m still not tired yet anyways. We’ll just skip school tomorrow.”

“Yo! Awesome idea.” Kyle said, cheering up immediately. There was nothing like a game of Ms. Pacman to cheer him up.

“What do you want to play?” Charlie said.

“I heard Destiny talking about it on the phone today. There’s this new game that just came in that people are already raving about. Let’s go find it.” They walked around the place, looking for where they could’ve moved this new machine they heard about. Both boys knew the place inside and out (although it was ginormous, a labyrinth that you could never escape out of) and found it immediately. It was sitting unplugged in the newest section of the arcade, a shiny new device that seemed to hum and glow for them, whispering for them to come closer… closer… The boys gasped and studied it.

It was an alien arcade game. There were two fake guns you could pick up and shoot at the aliens that were approaching you. On top, a girl with giant tits and an antennae smiled at them, inviting them to play the game. Kyle whistled, staring at her. “We gotta play this.”

They plugged the machine in, and it hummed at them, booting up slowly. They inserted a few coins, and the pixelated alien girl appeared on the screen, grinning at them with the same smile. “Hello Boys, ready to shoot some bad guys?” She said, her voice clear as it came out from the two speakers on the side of the machine.

“Hell Yeah.” They replied in synchrony. Before they could get started though, something unusual happened. Very unusual. The machine got louder and louder, the humming became a screeching sound, and it vibrated so hard it hit against the wall repeatedly. The boys looked at each other, completely and utterly freaked out.

“Oh my god we broke it! We’re going to get arrested.” Charlie screamed loudly, running around in circles.

“Dude… do you see that?” Kyle asked. He pointed towards the dark hole that was forming in the middle of the screen, engulfing the alien girl slowly and getting larger and larger by the second. They both stared at it, unable to say a word. Soon, it spread so wide it almost covered the machine completely, and stopped- all sounds and vibrations disappearing along with it. There was silence for a few moments, and then, “Is that hole a shape of a penis?”

Charlie looked at Kyle, then back at the hole, then back at Kyle, then back at the hole. “Um. Yeah.”

“Let’s go inside it.”

“What? Are you crazy?” Charlie said, moving backwards a few steps, tripping over a wire as he continued gapping at Kyle.

“C’mon, where’s your sense of adventure?” He didn’t bother listening to what Charlie had to say when he entered the dark hole, the field vibrated around him rapidly as he entered.

Charlie stared after him, grumbled to himself, then went in after him, completely freaked out. “The things I do to save my friend’s life.”

“Holy fucking shit.” Kyle said, staring at the abyss. They were situated in a field- it looked like Mars, smelt like Mars, and the fact that just one step was 10x easier than usual- it felt like Mars. They were standing on what could only be described as red dirt, and the sun beamed down on them, making their bodies drip with sweat as they looked around. There was no one around, and little tufts of grass grew around them. “Dude. This looks like the game.”

“Stop kidding around. We’re not in the game.”

“No seriously man, I think we’re in the game.” He started walking, and Charlie followed him. They walked for miles and miles- though surprisingly both men were not tired, or needed any water or food. It was like they were stuck in time, forever travelling in an empty red field.

After a few hours of walking, they reached a little hut. It looked futuristic- the aluminum glimmering against the hot steaming air. On it, a sign read “Information booth”. The boys looked at each other before both walking in.

Babe Arcade Gamer Erotica fiction Series

“Hello, how may I help you?” Inside, an alien girl- the exact alien girl from the machine, sat behind a counter, typing away at a computer (though it was off, and she wasn’t really typing anything). Elevator music played slowly, and an electric fan hummed, resting on the ceiling. She looked up and smiled. The boys stared at each other, speechless for the tenth time that night. She was absolutely gorgeous. She had giant plump lips, the same huge tits they saw on the game, antennas that flopped up and down as she typed, and an outfit that showed off most of her body- her tight cleavage and her thin waist, which curved outwards onto her hips. She looked just like an alien version of the girls who worked at the arcade. She was pink- not normal human pink, but bright pink, with darker spots all over her, similar to a cow. She wore a tight skirt and a matching top, which seemed to be her uniform of sorts. Her smile showed off sharp fangs, which disappeared as she licked her upper lip.

“Um… I think we’re a little lost.” Kyle said.

“Lost how?” She asked, her head cocking to the side like an animal.

“Lost like we’re from earth and this is definitely not earth.”

“What is earth?” She asked, curious. Her voice sounded just like how it did in the game. It was a bit electronic, and she spoke slowly- like she was processing the information.

“Oh god. We’re going to die.” Charlie said.

“We came from babe arcade, do you know where that is?” Kyle asked, starting to get worried himself. “We just want to go back.”

She stood up, and smiled widely, eager to be able to help them, “Oh! Babe arcade! Yes, yes. Let me look through the catalogue of stores we’re at and I’ll help you right away.” She took out a stack of binders, and flipped through them- they were colour coded and in alphabetical order. Her antennas and tits bounced away as she giggled. The boys watched as their boners increased dramatically. Both shifted where they were standing, looking away so the other wouldn’t notice. “Aha! Here you are. Come on through, I have the portal set up here.”

They grinned at each other, relieved finally, both wanting to just go home and rest and forget this ever happened. They approached her together, entering the portal that was increasing in size, slowly forming the size of a penis once more. “Wait, do you have payment?” They stared at each other, stopping in their tracks.

“Payment?” Kyle asked, then fished in his pocket, showing her the remaining coins he had that he brought to the arcade.

She looked at it, and used one long finger to poke and prod it, “I don’t know what that is.” SHe said, frowning.

“What payment do you mean?”

She went to her drawer, taking out a tiny shimmery stone that glimmered against the fluorescent ceiling lights. “Payment.” She said, like it explained everything.

“I don’t have that.” Kyle replied, scratching the back of his head.

Computing. Computing.” A voice said overhead. It sounded like it came from a speaker, but it was distinctively coming from the alien girl’s body- though it was a computer’s deep resonating voice. A click sounded and she said, “You must repay me sexually.” She smiled, her fangs glowing once more.

Kyle was about to reply again when they heard a click- the door had shut, and then immediately locked itself. The windows then banged shut around them, and the portal disappeared in a second. A second later, the computer and desk disappeared, replaced by a large king sized bed and two chains hanging overhead. The elevator music blaring up top changed to a soothing melody, and without thinking, the alien girl took her top off, revealing her tits with giant areolas, which were hanging down to her belly.

“Holy fucking shit.” Charlie whispered, after a few moments of complete silence.

“Come on, I don’t have all day.” She said, smiling at them completely naked.

“Dude, is this real?” Kyle asked, staring at Charlie. “Can we even touch her? Or is this all in our head?”

Charlie looked back at him, “Um… I think it’s real, man.”

“This must be a sick perverted dream of yours.”

“Dude I’m a virgin, I don’t even know what tits really look like.”

“I’m a virgin, too!” Kyle replied, huffing.

“Oh god, she’s going to kill us.”

With that, the alien creature moved forwards, grabbing them at their wrists. Kyle gasped at the sensation of her skin against his, it felt weirder than anything he’s felt- it was like she was there, really there, but there was something different about it- she was slimier maybe? She locked Kyle against the bed in one smooth motion, and Charlie stood at the base, staring at them at where she left him.

“Wait, wait. Why me?”

“By my calculations, you are more likely to run.” She replied smoothly with her robotic voice. Charlie was unable to say much as she removed Kyle’s top and his pants, and he gapped at seeing’ his friend’s dick for the first time.

“Oh my god, Kyle, why are you already hard?”

Kyle stared at him, his pupils wide, “I don’t know! I don’t control this shit! There’s a naked lady in front of me!” He was panicking. He was both turned on and horrified at the same time. She put her mouth around his, and moved her lips expertly, forcing her tongue into his mouth. He responded immediately, his dick now pulsing at the sensation of a girl’s body against his and his mouth moved in unison. Charlie just stood there, watching, his dick starting to stir as well.

When she moved away, he tasted the saliva in his mouth, completely different than what he’s tasted before. “Why is it so sweet?” He commented, putting his finger on his lips.

“My species produces a fluid that drives the opposite sex crazy.” She commented, “It makes you boner last for days and your semen production increases significantly. You won’t be able to stop thinking about fucking anymore. It ensures proper breeding, your cum is your payment for leaving.” She smiled like it was normal.

“Wait, what?” He asked, and immediately tried to spit as much of her saliva out of his mouth.

“Dude, we need to leave.” Charlie said, horrified.

“You think I’m just pretending she locked me up?!” Kyle screamed at him, struggling against the cuffs. “Just go without me! Save yourself!”

“I can’t just leave you man, where am I going to go?” He screamed back.

“Calculations are correct.” She said to herself, and beeping noises echoed in the air, signifying the input of new data into the game. She now focused her attention on Charlie, knowing that her saliva would take a few minutes to settle in on Kyle. She did the same to him, first removing all his clothes and then putting her tongue into his mouth, coating it as much as possible. Charlie, being the weaker of the two, let her do everything she wanted, afraid of what she would do to him if he resisted.

“Exchange of saliva complete.” She said to herself. She reached out and stroked Charlie and Kyle with two hands, feeling their human skin against her fingertips and humming to herself. The two boys just looked at each other with widened eyes. When she was sure the chemicals were in his bloodstream, she smiled at Kyle. “Do you want to touch my titties?”

He nodded, unable to think clearly anymore. He reached out to touch her, and soon grabbed her body and moved her towards him, putting one of her giant areolas in his mouth and sucked on it over and over. She moaned and grabbed his hair, humping away at him as Charlie watched. “Dude, what’s gotten into you?” He couldn’t believe he was currently watching his friend suck on an alien babe’s teat. This was absolutely insane. As he sucked harder, she wasn’t able to control her body anymore, and released milky fluids into his mouth. It tasted amazing- sugary and creamy, better than anything he’s ever tasted before. He needed more- there was nothing else he needed anymore other than this woman’s body. He didn’t even know his name anymore, just that he needed to pump his load deep inside her, and breed her over and over again until she gives birth to his babies.

Charlie watched, frightened as she climbed on top of Kyle. She looked down at his now throbbing erection, it getting larger and larger the more her fluids entered his bloodstream. It was now an impressive 12-incher, a foot long she couldn’t wait to get inside her. Before thinking too much about it, she sat on top of him and screamed loudly, making noises that didn’t sound like they were english anymore. “Yes human… fuck me good.” She impaled herself and moved up and down, so fast Kyle couldn’t even see her properly anymore, her form a blur as she fucked herself on him over and over. He couldn’t keep his eyes open for long though, and he let himself go into a state of ecstasy, his eyes moving so far back into his head that only his whites were showing.

After a while of bobbing on him, she set her eyes at Charlie, her pupils feline-like as she looked at him in complete lust. She let go of her claws, which were now embedded in Kyle, and curled her index finger, indicating he should join them. He pointed at himself, but got to the point where he could barely think clearly anymore. He was getting jealous- he wanted to be deep inside this alien woman as well. He wanted to breed her until she couldn’t stop calling his name. He moved towards the front of the bed, his erection guiding him forwards. She grinned at his eagerness, and put her mouth around his cock in one smooth motion, bobbing on his dick as well. He groaned loudly and held her as he fucked her over and over on his cock. “Oh yeah, right there.” He said, not thinking about his friend, who was lying in handcuffs right next to him, fucking the woman that had his mouth around him.

She was an expert, being part of a species that fucked each other just to say hello. She knew exactly what she was doing and was used to handling two greedy men at once. She satisfied both of them at the same time while pounding away, and soon they were cumming inside her, screaming loudly and shivering like their lives depended on it.

She was right though, this wouldn’t be enough for them, they had many loads that were being created inside their body from her chemicals, and they would need to pump many more inside of her before they would be satisfied. Oh virgin boys, so easy to control. She waved Charlie forwards again, and lied to her side as he entered her, his erection still eager and desperate to be inside a wet hole. As he held her waist and pounded away at her, Kyle came up to them from behind, and without saying a word, entered her ass. It was tight, way tighter than her pussy was. He grunted, unable to control his hips as he fucked her over and over again. She was well lubricated from all the cum already inside her, and milked both of them with her holes, rocking back and forth on them, and laughing away, having the time of her life. How could she possibly let them go back to their home now? This was way too much fun.

With a few final thrusts, they came again, and this time exhaustion overtook them. The two boys laid back onto the bed, breathing heavily and groaning at their sore bodies, which had to use muscles it never had to use before.

“I’m not done with you yet.” The alien woman knelt on the bed staring at them, her hands on her hips as their cum dripped out of her over and over again onto the bed, giant globs of semen soaking the sheets. Charlie and Kyle looked at each other, completely horrified again- but they couldn’t help themselves. Their dicks, still pulsing away, needed more. They were rock hard, and seemed to be even larger than before. Whatever chemical she kept giving them was also in her vagina and ass, and the more she soaked them with her fluids, the more they needed to fuck, no matter how tired they were.

This went on all night, she climbed on top of them and fucked them over and over, screaming out loud and grinding away, not caring how much they complained about how sore they were. She could keep going, and their dicks were too good to pass up. Eventually, the morning arrived, and her shift would be taken over by someone else. She was too concerned with the pulsing erections, which had cum more than ten times each, to notice the time though.

“Excuse me.” Another voice said as it entered the room, which was supposedly an office to welcome visitors. She moaned away, ignoring it, the dick hard inside her as she milked it over and over. “Excuse me.” A clearing of the throat. She stopped grinding as she looked at another alien, one of a different race completely that was supposed to take over her shift.

“Oh, Hi Steve!” She smiled.

“What are you doing?” He asked, crossing his arms.

“They didn’t have payment!” She said, still thrusting.

“How many times do I have to tell you you can’t fuck our visitors?”

“But they wanted to!” She pouted.

“Did you inject them with chemicals?”

“Yes....” She said, looking away innocently. He tapped his foot impatiently as she got off Kyle’s dick, who muttered a few incoherent words before fainting on the bed on top of Charlie.

“Let’s get them home.” He said. “No more fucking the guests!” She nodded sadly as she helped him pick up the exhausted boys, they pushed them half-hazardly into the penis shaped portal that opened up into Babe Arcade and closed it, the alien girl waving goodbye to them sadly as the portal disappeared.

It was the next morning at Babe Arcade, and Destiny stared at the two boys, who were drooling on top of the carpet at the new alien game she was promoting for today. “Excuse me but what are you doing here before opening?” She kicked them gently a few times waking them up.

“Urggh…” Kyle responded, rolling on his back.

“Hello???” Destiny called.

“Um, sorry Destiny, you locked us in here last night and we couldn’t find a way out.” Charlie lied smoothly.

“Next time just leave, there’s no alarms idiot.” Destiny said, walking away as she grumbled to herself.

The boys got up and stared at each other, neither saying a word, “Did we fall asleep here last night?” Charlie asked, the voice of the alien babe echoing next to them in the game, “Hello Boys, ready to shoot some bad guys?”

It sounded familiar to both of them, and Kyle scratched the back of his head as he stood up, grunting, “Oh my god why am I so sore?” He adjusted himself against his boxers.

Charlie got up after him, “Dude, me too. What the hell?”

“It must be the position we slept in on the ground.” Kyle replied.

“I guess so…” They looked at each other strangely as they walked off, into the exit and out of Babe Arcade.

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Sep 7, 2020

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