Flitzer, the nude streaker soccer game for PC (2006)

Flitzer, the nude streaker soccer game for PC (2006)

Streaking during an important soccer (or football) game, or as they like to call it in Germany - fußball - is an often overlooked art-form. Not everyone can do it, nor everyone should do it!

For those, including myself, who shouldn't be showing off their bare naked body in front of a live audience, we'd still get to play Flitzer, the streaker game on our PC... Hooray!

But if you are a totally hot blonde bombshell like Kinsey Wolanski, who interrupted the match between Liverpool and Tottenham during the Champions League finals in 2019, I'd say - Go for it!

flitzer fussball wm  streaker game blonde babe kinsey wolanski

Sadly though, Kinsey Wolanski forgot to take off her bikini during her streaker performance, which got me wondering - does that even count as streaking?

One thing is for sure, in the 2006 PC game by Handy Games, called - Flitzer Fussball-WM 2006, the player does get the opportunity to put on a performance of a life-time by going "all in". And by all in, I mean - go streaking in your bare butt, perform some cool tricks in your Adam or Eve-costume and "score" as many points as possible, all while the audience is cheering loudly!

Who needs another yearly Fifa game when there's an actual videogame which allows you to control a streaker, right?

Oh, by the way, Kinsey Wolanski might have covered her "assets" while streaking during the Champions League, she did however, flashed those juicy topless boobs of hers, in the 2019, low-budget horror flick called Slasher Party. Just sayin'.

flitzer fussball wm  streaker game blonde babe kinsey wolanski slasher party topless boobs

Back on topic! Time to play the one - and as far as I'm aware - also the only streaker game for the PC in history, aka "Flitzer Fussball-WM 2006".

Flitzer Fussball-WM 2006 (by Handy Games)

Even though, EA Sports might be pumping out a brand new Fifa soccer game every single year for decades now, strangely enough, for those that prefer to take control of a streaker, instead of an actual football-player, there aren't that many choices, to say the least.

"That's a great selling point", is what the Germany-based developers at Handy Games must've been thinking when they produced the first ever streaking game in history. And in 2006, the team was finally ready to introduce Germany to their latest PC game creation - Flitzer Fussball-WM.

Well, I guess "someone" had to do it, or in today's case - I guess, someone had to create such a game, right? It's a dirty job...

flitzer fussball wm  streaker game cdrom box

I managed to ship an original copy, brand new and sealed, from Germany, and only cost me like €2 ($2.38). And to my surprise, when I popped the disc in my PC, this 2006 game ran right out of the box on a Windows 10 PC, with no issues whatsoever.

Now usually when trying to play old PC games on a modern day machine, I'll be running into a ton of compatibility issues. But not this time! Which shows, this streaker game is probably just some sort of timeless piece of art...

Or is it? Only one way to find out - let's play Flitzer Fussball-WM 2006!

The Gameplay

When you launch the game, you'll first get to create your own character (or avatar). Well, sorta. I must say, the customization options are very limited.

We do get to choose between playing as a female or male streaker, we also get to pick from three different skin color tones, as well as three different hair cuts and colors - being blonde, grey-ish and black-ish. The hair color choices are kinda odd, to be honest. As the darker hair color makes your character look like a granny (or grandpa).

flitzer fussball wm  streaker game create custom character avatar

Oh well, moving on!

Once we've created our own playable character, we get to choose between two different gameplay types - Einzelspiel and Meisterschaft. The first option translates to "Single game", while the second option translates to "Championship".

The Einzelspiel mode is more or less a free for all type of gameplay, just score as many points as possible. While during the Championship-mode, the player has to "score" as many points as possible while streaking during an important competition game, within a certain time limit.

flitzer fussball wm  streaker game gameplay screenshot

One's the time-limit has expired and enough points are collected, the player moves on to the next soccer game in the competition.

Collect power-ups and score goals (while running naked across the football field)

The players controls his own female or male creation and gets to run the football field freely, of course, all while being stripped out of all their clothes. One thing to keep an eye out for are the guards trying to catch you and take you off the field.

While streaking and trying to avoid getting caught by the guards, the player has multiple options to gain a higher score.

For starters, you can run towards the current players in the field and try snatching the ball in order to make a goal.

There are various power-ups the player can collect in order to restore his energy, get more points or make you run twice as fast. Also, what would a game be without the classic banana peel? As you can probably guess, be sure you won't slip while running over a banana peel.

flitzer fussball wm  streaker game gameplay screenshot

But wait! There's more! For example, a rocket will make you run extremely fast, soda cans will restore your energy, golden coins will give you extra bonus points, but also - collecting cheerleader pom poms will allow you to perform special combo moves.

Wait, what? Special combo moves?

Nude moonwalking on top of the goal (and more special combo tricks)

Another way for the player to gain a higher score, is to perform special combo moves. These special moves depend on where (which location) the player currently is running on the field. For example, when you're underneath a goal, the player can climb on top of the goal to show off his moonwalking skills.

Trust me, your character has moonwalking skills which would even make the king of pop himself (aka Michael Jackson) proud!

There are also various other tricks, mostly dances, which you can pull off while mocking the guards.

Can you play the Flitzer game when you are under 18 years of age?

Can you play the Flitzer game when you are under 18 years of age? Good question! I decided to take the test upon myself.

When I booted up the game for a second time and I got prompted with the age verification screen, I decided to try and click on "Nein", which translates to "No".

Well, the game didn't exit, like I was expecting...

Instead, the game let me continue to play, but with a big twist - certain exposed body-parts being censored with big black bars. Which basically makes this game also available to play for those that just hit puberty and want something to play for "shits and giggles".

Mobile Java Port (Streaking on old Nokia phones)

Flitzer didn't just got a release for PC, it also got its own version released for mobile. However, bare in mind, this was during an era in which Nokia phones were still being considered "cool". Meaning, mobile gaming wasn't as evolved as in the current day and age.

In other words - mobile games back then were very limited in terms of graphics and gameplay and in general, not that exciting.

flitzer fussball wm  streaker game mobile java port

I did play the mobile version of the game on my PC (using software called Pcnexus Java Emulator), however, I basically got bored after less than a minute. It's just a bit too simplistic and didn't age well. Basically, the mobile port (Java-based) isn't really worth checking out, in my humble opinion.

If you do want to check out the mobile port of Flitzer, you can download the (zipped) JAR file below.

flitzer fussball wm  streaker game mobile java port

Download Flitzer (JAR)

If you are looking for a more modern adult soccer game to play on your smartphone, and a much spicier title, I'd suggest you check out the (free to play) 18+ game Lewd League Soccer at Nutaku.

lewd league soccer adult game

Lewd League Soccer let's you take control over an all-girl football team, both on and off the field. What about the dressing room, you'd ask? Well, you'll have full access!

Win all the matches and unlock all the hot and spicy, animated sex scenes!

lewd league soccer adult game

Play Lewd League Soccer


Besides picking up power-ups, running around nude on the field during a soccer match, trying to make a goal and perform some neat tricks, there isn't really much more to it. That being said, I must admit, I was entertained for an hour or two playing Flitzer Fussball-WM 2006.

The company behind this streaker game ("Handy" Games) is still very much alive and kicking these days, creating videogames for popular franchises such as Spongebob Squarepants. But for that reason, I can't share a download link to the game, because it isn't considered "abandonware" yet. And also, because there are still new physical copies being sold online.

But since the game can be bought for around $2, it won't really hurt you wallet anyway. It's available on online market places such as Amazon and Ebay.

flitzer fussball wm  streaker game gameplay screenshot

The company behind this gem - Handy Games - has produced quite the resume of game titles over the years, so you might want to check out their website for some more free to play (non-adult) casual games, mostly aimed at mobile gamers, at handy-games.com.

Now that I'm done writing this article, I got a weird and sudden urge to take off all my clothes and start running around naked for a bit... So I'll be busy for the next couple or days or so. Until next time, cheers!

And of course - keep on streaking, girls!

July 30, 2021

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