Indigo White plays videogames while bare naked on Snapchat

Indigo White plays videogames while bare naked on Snapchat

When you watch the gamer girl Indigo White play and stream her favorite games like Animal Crossing, Minecraft or watch her dance and sing karaoke, Indigo White might come across as just another innocent cutie having some fun times on her Youtube channel. That ultimate "girly girl" type, complete with an over the top pink-colored bedroom, cute outfits and of course, those teeny-pigtails in her hair.

game streamer indigo white plays videogames while bare naked on snapchat

However, when you start following this blondie on her other social accounts (besides Youtube) such as her Snapchat account, you'll soon be witnessing a completely different side of her. Turns out, Indigo White isn't your average cosplayer or "gamer girl" you'll get to stumble upon online.

Nude "Let's Play" videos?

If she isn't recording "Let's Play" videos for her regular Youtube channel (@IndigoWhite), Indigo White is likely to be found gaming on her premium Snapchat account (via Fancentro). But there's a catch... and quite a big one! Here's when things get real spicy...

This time around - she'll be playing games while stripped down bare naked in her bedroom!

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And if that doesn't excite you enough already, if Indigo over here can't be watched playing on her Nintendo Switch while in her Eve-costume, she's probably either dancing around nude in her bedroom or jumping up and down on her bed in her undies, stripping out of her sexy cosplay costumes or even better - "playing" with her clit instead.

And yes, she isn't shying away from sharing those fine moments of her life by sharing it all on some of the hottest and most arousing Snaps you'll ever see.

game streamer indigo white plays videogames while bare naked on snapchat

If you're looking for an all-natural, totally cute cosplayer, but also an extremely naughty gamer chick to follow on Snapchat, you're in a real treat today because you've just discovered a real treasure... The kind of treasure which comes bundled with some of the best tits you've ever seen!

But before we go "balls-deep" into all the naughty bits, we might want to start at the beginning first, right? So... who exactly is the internet sensation known as Indigo White?

Who is the Youtuber and game streamer Indigo White?

Indigo White - also known as Cocochampange - was born on September 1, 1999. Indigo gained quite some fame online through her social media presence.

For starters, she launched her Youtube channel back in May 10 of 2015. Her Youtube channel being mainly focused on gaming.

game streamer indigo white plays videogames while bare naked on snapchat youtuber minecraft

Indigo White is also the artistic type, one of her lesser known Instagram pages feautures all of her art (@indigowhiteart). She has also written two books - "The City Girl Cook Book" & "Do You Really Want to be a Cam Girl?".

But as it turns out, Indigo White is quite the multi talent. For example, she gained most of her fame thanks to her spicy and lewd cosplay works on her main Instagram account (@indigowhitecosplay), which currently has over 289.000 loyal fans.

game streamer indigo white plays videogames while bare naked on snapchat lewd bikini candids

She likes to cosplay all sorts of famous and popular characters - from Overwatch's D.VA to a sexy bunny, a lewd nun, a horny version of redhead Misty (from Pokémon), ZeroTwo, Raven from Teen Titans, various characters from The Mushroom Kingdom (Super Mario universe), and many more.

game streamer indigo white plays videogames while bare naked on snapchat topless clown

She even cosplayed a titty-flashing version of Ronald, the famous McDonalds-clown, but of course, that one isn't available on her regular social media profiles such as her Instagram, because of... well... reasons... like Instagram's no-boobies policy. And well, it's going to be hard to "cover-up" those big and juicy knockers of Indigo White over here.

However, that clearly shows that this stunner can turn any character into jerk-off material. Now that's talent! Which also explains why she has won the title for "Best Cosplayer" at the Pornhub Awards in the past.

Indigo White Wiki & Measurements

  • Name: Indigo White
  • Nicknames: Cocochampange, Indi
  • Profession: Cosplayer, Gamer, Blogger, Graphic Designer, Youtuber, Model & Adult content creator
  • Career start: 2013
  • Age: 25 years
  • Birthday: September 1, 1995
  • Place of Birth: United States
  • Height: 5'5" (165cm)
  • Cup: 33C

What you won't find on Youtube? Indigo's bare naked "Let's Play" clips!

When you first watch Indigo White on her Youtube Channel, she might give you the impression she's just a regular cosplayer and game-streamer, uploading relatively "innocent" videos. And well, yes - for her Youtube channel, that's indeed the case.

Most of Indigo White's Youtube videos consist of her playing her favorite games such as Minecraft, Animal Crossing, West of Loathing, My Time at Portia, Genshin Impact, to list a few examples. Besides her game streams on Youtube and Twitch, she likes to mix it up with a few cosplay and other fun videos such as karaoke clips, all of which are completely "suitable for work"... If you expect to enjoy some cleavage, Indigo's Youtube channel isn't the place to find that type of content.

That being said, while her Youtube channel might be quite tame, let's not forget that the very same Indigo White is also the winner of two Pornhub Awards... Guess where she likes to hide her awards? Inside her pussy, it is!

I must say, I admire the creativity... And the cake.

Point being, even though it's fun to watch Indigo play and stream some of her favorite videogames, it gets a lot more fun when she does all that while being completely nude.

game streamer indigo white plays videogames while bare naked on snapchat

Let's face it, who doesn't enjoy the combo of watching a hot girl play videogames while she's completely topless? Especially with Indigo's sweet and sexy double D's bouncing around on your screen.

Conclusion - If you are looking for Indigo's uncensored and most kinky photos and videos, your best bet is to sub to her premium Snapchat account.

game streamer indigo white plays videogames while bare naked on snapchat

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Alternatively, you can also watch some of Indigo's cosplay sex videos on as well!

All Indigo White social media profiles

Snapchat not your social app of choice, don't worry, Indigo is active on pretty much every social media network out there - from Instagram to Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, TikTok and more and we've listed all her social media handles below.

Or check out her model page on, for even more of Indigo White's social media links!

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All hail the "Stick of Joy"...

July 7, 2021

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