Grow your Waifu Harem on the Ethereum Blockchain (NFT Collectibles)

Grow your Waifu Harem on the Ethereum Blockchain (NFT Collectibles)

Today we're about to dive "balls deep" into the world of collecting some of the sexiest anime Waifu's on the blockchain. So forget about hentai dating sim videogames for once, or collecting physical trading cards, because today we're trying something else for once. Time to collect and claim ownership of our very own Waifu on the Ethereum blockchain.

The future of collecting is upon us ladies and gentlemen... Waifus, gotta catch 'em all!

claim your own sexy waifu on the ethereum blockchain dogecoin waifu

With the crypto bull run running at full steam again as we speak, the blockchain-craze is back at it in full force, similar to previous wild bull runs (such as in 2017). Once again, to the moon, it is!

Which also makes this the perfect timing to have a look at the Waifu token, as well as some of the other hot Waifu collectables in the shape of non-fungible tokens (or in short - NFTs).

Cryptokitties (and the history of NFT collectibles)

Before we'll have a close look at all the Waifu's we're able to collect, let's go a bit further back into the history of trading collectables using Ethereum's ERC-721 token(s) first, shall we?

Yes, that's right, I said ERC-721. While most of you are likely familiar with the ERC-20 tokens (as they are mostly being used in many popular crypto-projects), however, there are alternative types of tokens available for usage on the Ethereum chain as well. One of them being ERC-721 aka the non-fungible token, which is often used for in-game items (such as weapons, power-ups etc), trading cards, digital art pieces, software licenses and more. Or in other words - digital collectables, but with the ownership verified through the blockchain.

That bring us to the very first collectable items on the Ethereum blockchain, the legendary CryptoKitties Dapp (not to be confused with CryptoTitties).

claim your own sexy waifu on the ethereum blockchain cryptotitties

During the previous massive bull run of 2017, it felt as if almost every day some random brand new Ethereum (ERC-20) token was being launched, always promosing to be the "next big thing". While most of these tokens never really offered anything new or special, and for the most part, often were more "hype" but never actually delivered a working product.

However, there was one innocent little decentralized project that surely blew our minds, simply because of the fact it allowed us (the users) to buy, trade and claim ownership of cute kittens on the blockchain. Even having the ability to breed new kittens.

claim your own sexy waifu on the ethereum blockchain cryptokitties

The CryptoKitties project introduced many of "us" to the concept of virtual pets (and even the concept of video games) on the blockchain, something we hadn't seen before.

The entire CryptoKitties-project got so much media attention that it even managed to cause problems on the entire Ethereum blockchain itself, as the Ethereum blockchain showed some serious scaling issues while trying to keep up with all the demand (and such large number of transactions).

claim your own sexy waifu on the ethereum blockchain kim kardashian breaks the internet

That's right, just like celebrity Kim Kardashian managed to "break the internet", CryptoKitties managed to "break" the entire Ethereum blockchain ecosystem instead.

While the developers community were actively trying to fix and improve their current token-system, in the meanwhile, more and more crypto-enthusiast seem to show interest for the idea of implementing blockchain-technology for usage of trading digital collectibles. And well, we pretty much owe it all to a bunch of kitties... CryptoKitties, that is.

The good news is that Ethereum and its token-based smart contracts have been much improved since 2017. For starters, the ERC-721 tokens had one huge drawback and that's due to the large amount of data needed to be transferred (due to the large amount of code used for these ERC-721 smart contracts) when trading digital assets on the chain, which resulted into extremely high transaction fees (known on the ETH blockchain as "gas fees").

Anno 2021, these issues all have been resolved for the most part, mainly thanks to the newer and more improved ERC-1155 standard. These days, buying, selling and trading digital collectables on the ETH blockchain is more popular then ever before and has become as user-friendly as buying and selling on a regular online shop or marketplace such as Amazon.

claim your own sexy waifu on the ethereum blockchain bitcoin santa waifu

Within just few clicks and directly from within your internet browser, you're about to become the brand new owner of a NFT (non-fungible token) which in today's case, would be a sexy Waifu!

Being based on Ethereum and thanks to a smart contract, these NFTs are numbered, meaning, there's only a very limited amount per "collectible" that can be minted, and therefore heavily increasing the chance of becoming a collectors item. There are multiple online market places such as Rarible and OpenSea, which offer an open platform for buying and selling NFTs.

claim your own sexy waifu on the ethereum blockchain opensea

Finally, it's time we start kicking things off and to meet some of these anime crypto-cuties! And what better way to kick things off with the Waifu Token? ($WAIF)

Collect digital Waifus using Waifu tokens

Which finally bring us to today's topic - the Waifu collectables! Let's face it, who cares about cute little kittens, if one could also own a (limited edition) steaming hot Waifu directly inside his ETH wallet? That sure sounds a lot more exciting to me!

You're probably wondering what all the fuss is about, right? Well, let's have a look at some of these "digital assets" of which you could become the proud new future owner. Good news for you guys, because there are tokenized Waifu's in all sorts of shapes, sizes and different tastes and flavours.

Wondering how to claim ownership of one of these "hot and spicy" NFTs by the Waifu Token team? Basically, you've got two options:

  • Option 1 - Staking
  • $HAREM tokens are what you'll need! By staking your $WAIF tokens, you'll be earning $HAREM as reward.

  • Option 2 - Decentralized Marketplace(s)
  • Try winning an auction at decentralized market websites such as or "score" a Waifu directly from the official Waifu Token Dapp (both require installing the MetaMask extension for Google Chrome).

As we've mentioned earlier, these "collectables" themselves are tokens based on the ERC-1150 standard. That being said, the main token behind the whole project ($WAIF) is a regular ERC-20 token. Visit the official project website to learn more about their token, the minting and staking-process and of course, all the latest juicy details and news about the upcoming releases.

claim your own sexy waifu on the ethereum blockchain waifu token website

The Waifu token was launched back in August of 2020 (with a total supply of 1 billion tokens).

Sexy Kitties, Stormtrooper pin-ups and more sexy NFTs

But wait... There's more! Another great platform to discover some real spicy digital assets is the Rarible marketplace (again, works directly inside your browser by taking advantage of the decentralized payments powered by the free MetaMask extension).

One of these "spicy collections" available on the Rarible app is called; Crypto Sexy Kittens (see image below). So If you thought the Waifu's by the Waifu Token team were the only hot digital assets (or NFTs) you could start collecting on the Ethereum blockchain, think again!

claim your own sexy waifu on the ethereum blockchain cryptosexykittens

Even if the anime or hentai art-style isn't really your "thing", there's still plenty of other eye-candy (in different art-styles) to add to your ETH wallet. One that really captured our attention were the fantastic Star Wars parody pin-up babes by an artist named Jeremy Worst. What can I say? I'd just never thought to see Princess Leia making out with R2-D2, nor could I've ever imagine Stormtroopers being so damn sexy.

claim your own sexy waifu on the ethereum blockchain star wars parody pinups

May the force of the Ethereum blockchain be with you. Fine pin-up art like Jeremy's, sure puts a big smile on the face of this big geek right here.

Well folks, that's more than enough geeking around for today. Have fun searching through all the available NFTs (in search of the hottest Waifus) on these popular online marketplaces, and enjoy growing your cock your very own harem on the blockchain!

Jan 13, 2021

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