The hottest video game babes stripping nude on your desktop

The hottest video game babes stripping nude on your desktop (iStripper)

Imagine just working on your desktop like usual, only this time your screen is filled with eye candy, thanks to your favourite sexy video game babes such as D.Va, Lara Croft or 2B (from NieR:Automata) are slowly stripping bare naked on your taskbar.

Now that makes working on your PC or laptop a whole lot more fun and exciting, now doesn't it?

How does this all work? It's quite simple, just download the free iStripper app for Windows and turn your computer into a full-blown strip club. Do we need to visualize this for you? Well, how does the video below look? Quite a turn on, ha?

D.Va (Overwatch) gets down and dirty on your desktop

In case you haven't played the video game hit sensation Overwatch, or somehow never heard of it, you must have been living under a rock. For the last couple of years, Overwatch became one of the biggest gaming hypes in history, mostly because of its unique gameplay which mixes both first person shooter action with building mechanics (and of course, in multiplayer mode).

Overwatch's most sexy and most popular girl in town? That's without a doubt, the cute yet spicy Hana Song, better known as D.Va!

Li Moon is stealing the show when she's cosplaying and stripping as D.Va

D.Va has also been one of the most popular video game characters amongst cosplayers for quite a while now. But we've found our personal favourite cosplay model, wanna know who?

the hottest video game babes stripping nude istripper li moon dva

The hot and exotic asian beauty Li Moon! She is by far our favourite model to cosplay D.Va, and the best part? You'll get to watch and enjoy her slowly take off her bodysuit bunny suit, right on your computer screen.

With her big bright brown puppy eyes, cute and youthful pretty face, her marvellous petite body and A+ tight booty, makes the Ukrainian model Li Moon quite the irresistible beauty queen. And whenever she does any cosplaying, man, her sex appeal only gets amplified. Li Moon is always rocking that outfit!

the hottest video game babes stripping nude istripper li moon dva

But I got to admit, I'm also not complaining whenever she's taking it all off. For example, like in any of her extremely arousing striptease shows Li Moon has done for the iStripper app.

Watch D.Va stripper show

Lara Croft flaunts her big knockers in a strip show

Whoever did the casting for this stripper show, did his (or her) job right. I mean, cosplay is all about the details, right? Well, if there's one thing where Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider video game franchise is known for, besides being the sexiest video game character of the 90's, it's her big sized fun bags.

Meet Czech model and pole dancing teacher Lucy Li (with delicious double D's)

Lucy Li, the star of this striptease show, is actually one of the very few hot babes that could make cosplaying Lara Croft look legit, thanks to her humongous boobs. Not a lot of models out there that can match those huge, juicy, beautiful and 100% natural 34DD knockers.

the hottest video game babes stripping nude istripper lara croft

This 22 year old stunner from the Czech Republic will always steal the show, and not just simply because of her huge titties, even more so because of the fact she's a certified athletic trainer and an actual pole dancing teacher.

And just like our website's visitors, Lucy Li also knows exactly how to work the "pole". Always wanted to enjoy your favorite busty female video game character slowly reveal "it all"... Here's your chance, mate!

the hottest video game babes stripping nude istripper lara croft

Go download and install the free iStripper application on your laptop or PC to watch the amazing breasts of the gorgeous dark haired hottie Lucy Li over here.

Watch Lara Croft stripper show

NieR:Automata cosplay stripper show

Who would've ever thought to watch fap and enjoy a cosplay strip show involving the sword waving android B2, from the 2017 Japanese video game NieR:Automata? I sure didn't. Quite surprising, especially considering this game didn't have quite as much hype surrounding it, compared to the other two games we've mentioned above. But one thing's for sure, the busty blonde cutie pie Eva Elfie totally nailed it!

the hottest video game babes stripping nude istripper nier automata

NieR:Automata got released in 2017 on Windows PC's, PlayStation 4, and one year later on the Xbox One.

The fap-worthy breasts of pornstar Eva Elfie as "NieR Dildomata"

The name of this erotic cosplay show according to the iStrippers website, is NieR Dildomata. Ha, clever find! The star of the show? That's none other than cosplayer, gamer girl, all-round geek, adult model and famous pornstar; Eva Elfie.

For those not familiar with Eva Elfie, you've truly been missing out. It's not just her gorgeous looks, fun and geeky personality, for the most part, it's her soft firm peach, as well as her massive juggs, that are the true reasons for making my cock pointing straight up to the angels in the sky. Does that make her an official goddess?

Don't miss out and join Eva Elfie's free premium fanclub

Ready to meet this busty blonde pornstar sensation? What better way to get to know Eva up close and personal then by following Eva Elfie (and her wild 'n dirty) adventures on Fancentro?

pornstar busty blonde eva elfie add to fancentro free

Follow Eva Elfie at Fancentro

Oh and not just up close and personal, but also completely uncensored! Which basically means, there's going to be a lot of eye candy for you to consume, considering the large amount of topless selfies she likes to share with her fans. Go join Eva Elfie's free premium fanclub, and all hail her gigantic melons!

Watching Eva Elfie take off her clothes, slowly, sensual and piece by piece while playing with her sword is one of the most creative striptease shows you'll find on the iStripper website and better yet, makes me want to "play" with my own "sword" too.

the hottest video game babes stripping nude istripper nier automata

Watch Eva Elfie stripper show

More cosplay fun to explore on iStripper?

Not fully satisfied yet? Well, Eva Elfie isn't the only naughty girl in porn that's available as a "virtual stripper" on the iStripper app. In fact, quite the opposite. We've found a great article for you in which they listed all of "them". Check out the full list of pornstars with striptease shows on iStripper.

Ranging from Elsa Jean to Viola Bailey, Mia Malkova, Liya Silver, Stella Cardo, Karlee Grey and about 30+ more famous chicks in the adult film industry. Man, that list might actually be even larger than a BBC!

What about cosplay shows you'd might ask? Plenty more! From Cat Woman to Harley Quinn or Lord of The Rings striptease shows. In terms of content, iStripper truly is king.

Does a schoolgirl outfit make your cock grow in a second? What about undies or see-through lingerie? A sexy Christmas outfit, or feeling more in need of a soaking wet nurse? The same as in Mortal Kombat, you just have to "choose your destiny".

Download free iStrippers app

Be adventurous and install iStripper to explore and watch their huge library of virtual strippers directly on your desktop.

Aug 10, 2020

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