Bachelor Life, the open-world dating simulator (Adult Game Review)

Bachelor Life, the open-world dating simulator (Adult Game Review)

There are not many video games that are about dating but with a serious story and tasks. Most are simple games and the main goal is to get the partner cumming. We have found a true gem that brings so much joy for gamers and porn lovers, either serious gamers or amateurs who are here just for the fucking parts.

Think of a fine mix of GTA and The Sims and even Postal (and its over the top missions), but the main focus of the game remains to score some wild, wet and juicy sex dates. It is a freshly new game called Bachelor Life, from Crafty Game Lab, a solo-developer (one-man company) that made quite a "boom" with this baby right here. A brilliant guy named Andy created a game that both male and female players can enjoy.

bachelor life adult game review

This porn game was released at the end of 2020, but has already been gaining a lot of fans in just that short period of time after its initial release. Curious to find out why? Read on... because we'll get into that in full detail with today's review of the (2020) adult video game - Bachelor Life.

One bachelor, babes & witchcraft [Story]

Bachelor Life is a first-person open-world dating simulator. You begin your adventures as a guy named Clark, who has just left his girlfriend. Sounds familiar, anyone?
*cough* Larry Laffer (from Leisure Suit Larry) *cough*.

She has been cheating on him a dozen times, Clark simply finally has had enough of her affairs and awful actions, and so he decides to start his new life as a single guy while searching for some "fun" and naughty adventure-time. Luckily for Clark, he's not all on his own, because his best friend Dustin wants to help him out in "scoring" some "piece of action".

bachelor life adult game review

Dustin gives him a notebook with a list of all the single ladies in town who might be interested in having a hot encounter with his bud. And Dustin's magical notebook turns out to be the best gift a guy could get, like... ever!

Clark has now become a man on on a mission, with only one goal in mind - to locate all these horny babes, seduce them and hopefully in the end - to get laid (as often as possible).

bachelor life adult game review

But of course, just like any other in-game story, that's not going to be as easy as it sounds. Would a game be any fun if there weren't any obstacles to overcome before the protagonist reaches his end-goal? That's like playing as Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider games, but without any jumping, action and puzzles to solve. In other words - pretty f'n boring. Sure, the sex sequences in the game are hot and all, but it feels so much more satisfying if you have to "work" for it first (and that's exactly what the "Bachelor Life" game does).

Ain't nothing wrong with a little warm-up, right?

The sexy gals which Clark meets along his way, all have special requests that you'll need to complete before you get a chance to take them to bed and show off your "love-making" skills. Some tasks they'll want you to complete will be easier than others. Tasks might include diving, fishing and some will involve some strange dark magic witchcraft spells or even ghost hunting.

bachelor life adult game review

The ultimate goal is to fuck all the babes from the list, but the adventures along the way can get even more exciting. The open-world environment will take you to so many interesting places and the hooking up spots go from the gym, the streets, meeting chicks at the beach, and even at a spooky church at the cemetery.

The 3D sex scenes, visuals and graphics

The entire list of full-blown 3D adult games isn't even that long, not even in 2021, which makes this game quite a (3D) gem with pretty impressive graphics, even more so if you realize it has all been made by a single game developer.

The girls look sexy and most of them also have a pretty sweet big rack. In other words, Bachelor Life isn't shying away from busty in-game characters. If you complete all your tasks (or missions) successfully, you will be rewarded with realistic animations of the hottest fucking. Are these graphics the best I've ever seen? Far from it. That being said, the graphics are still pretty damn good and something you don't see that often in adult games. However, some of these girls could use a little bit more detail in terms of visuals, in my humble opinion.

Tasks to complete and mini-games to solve

There are various mini-games that will get you so hooked on Bachelor Life. Some tasks are absurd and very entertaining. It gives a realistic feel of the bizarre things you have to do to get a lady to open her legs for you.

bachelor life adult game review

Hell, even if you're not in the mood for seducing chicks or getting laid, you can even enjoy your time in-game just to relax a bit by trying to catch some fish down the lake or by grabbing a beer at the local pub called "The Drunken Flame".

bachelor life adult game review

Once you get to the sex scenes, you will have customizable camera angles, speed, and intensity options. Some babes like it rough and they might have additional requests to make the sex spicier.

bachelor life adult game review

Make sure to do what they ask of you, or you might blow your chances. It is the same as in real life and the more effort you make, the more fun you get. So be careful with the options presented and find a way to "get lucky" with each of these slutty babes you'll meet during gameplay.

Harware requirements for Bachelor Life (2020)

Since the game is a full-blown 3D adult game, this title is limited to PC only, simply because smart phones aren't powerful enough in terms of hardware and GPU. Hate to disappoint the mobile gamers among us who are currently reading this review, however, there's no reason to worry, there are plenty of other mobile porn games for adults available online.

bachelor life adult game review

Bachelor Life is available for Windows 7/8/10 only, and it works best with Intel i7-2600K and AMD FX-8350 processors and a decent graphics card.

Final conclusion

The low price for a game like this, is pretty much nothing when you think about all the things you'll get for just those few bucks.

It gives you hours of endless fun and entertaining content. The game brings dating simulations to a much higher level and finally brings the exact type of porn fun we ought to have. And with the 3D technology and great visuals, the game sure matches even the most demanding gamers and porn lovers' needs.

You get to enjoy your own porn, but you have to go on many tempting adventures before you win the girls. All those fantasies about having sex on the beach or in the church are now coming to life because of this neat little 3D adult PC game.

bachelor life adult game review

Never has dating and fucking been this interesting and this game reminds you exactly how good the simple life of a bachelor actually can be.

Fun Factor
Sexy Characters
Sex Scenes & Visuals

You can purchase the game as a download from the Nutaku website for a one time fee of $8.99.

Alternatively, you can support the developer on Patreon, which help the dev to upgrade the game and provide even more fun. You can earn bonus perks such as getting early access to new content and the latest game updates.

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Jan 27, 2021

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