Casting Agent - A porn business sim

Casting Agent - A porn business sim (Adult Game Review)

Ever wanted to be a big shot in the adult industry but without the downside of a possible lousy reputation and dirty looks from self-proclaimed righteous people? Then why not dive in and experience everything to the fullest with a Casting Agent.

Video games have always been the medium through which we were able to experience all sorts of improbable, or straight-up impossible, things. From becoming a famous athlete to rescuing princesses, slaying dragons, saving kingdoms, and repelling alien invasions, games allow us to do anything. With that in mind, you can only imagine how far things go when you insert an adult element to it.

casting agent adult game review

Let's face it; there's not a man in the world who, at one point, didn't want to have his way with a bunch of pornstars. Perverted artists and like-minded developers got together to create a Casting Agent and allow you to do just that. Start from scratch and build an empire while seducing and banging all kinds of different babes who are simply dying to work with you.

casting agent adult game review

That gives you the upper hand and utmost control over these hotties, making it easy to get down and dirty in every way imaginable.

Casting Agent turns out to be a comprehensive adult business simulator game

Simulation games are some of the most popular when it comes to realism. Because of that, it should come as no surprise that the best games, including Casting Agent, are sim games aimed at an adult audience.

Maybe it is out of curiosity that we are so interested in the "behind the scenes" aspect of the adult film industry? I mean, don't we all like to get a tiny taste of what it's like working in the adult business? Imagine working with the hottest (and naked) babes all day long. That sounds a lot better then working at the factory, if you'd ask me. And well, probably a lot people would agree with me on that, so I guess that would also explains the large amount of sim games available (all of which allowing you to run and grow your dick your own porn empire).

casting agent adult game review

Just recently we did an article on the best adult business simulator video games, I guess that one already needs an update as we can now add this brand new "Casting Agent" video game onto that same list as well.

Do you got what it takes to become a casting agent for an adult film studio?

So, you think you've got what it takes to become a casting agent for the adult film industry, ha? This game allows you to proof your skills as a casting agent! Ready to scout some of the finest and sexiest girls on the streets and turn them into famous and full-blown (porn)stars by seducing them? Go play Casting Agent!

The developers team behind Casting Agent has worked hard on giving you as much control as possible, allowing you to immerse yourself into that "dirty world" of adult entertainment and control the outcome with your actions. With numerous different locations to explore and an even more significant number of horny chicks waiting on your bold advances, it's up to you to pace the playthrough.

casting agent adult game review

To help that, Casting Agent offers non-linear gameplay. Nothing is set in stone, and you can go whenever you want, seducing whoever you desire. Choose the hottie you want to bang first and get her on her knees in no time. Then focus on developing business before coming back for more wet pussy. Or don't go that way and, instead, go for something entirely different. There are no limits and boundaries to what's possible.

Whatever route you choose, you can expect a ton of hentai in the form of pictures, videos, and animation to satisfy your dirtiest needs. Who do you think will make you the most income? Who do you think has what it takes to become the new fan-favourite amongst all the horny porn fans. Will the next big pornstar be a nurse, a female cop, a student? Only one way to find out and that's by putting all these girls to the test, one by one.

Who said being a casting agent was going to be an easy task, ha? There's a lot of "examination" needed, and that's going to be your "dirty job" while playing this adult game.

A perfect balance between graphics and gameplay

Every aspect of this game is smoothly polished, making it an overall pleasant experience. Nothing particularly stands out to distract you from the fact that you're making your way up in the naughty world of adult pleasures. Casting Agent follows the "less is more" rule where the gameplay is simple and straightforward, but there's so much stuff to do that you're guaranteed an endless amount of fun. Being a dating sim with clicker mechanics, you don't need to have lightning-fast reflexes or be an experienced strategist. Instead, you need a strong desire to see ladies naked and fuck their brains out.

casting agent adult game review

Part from the dating aspect that comes in the style of visual novels, there's also a resource management bit where you advance your character and build a porn empire. Basically, after seducing one of the many girls available in the game, you'll need to record them on camera and publish your fresh adult content to the internet. Let's not forget, this is a business simulator as well. In other words; you'll need to try and generate as much revenue as possible!

  • 36 Different girls you can cast (as an agent).
  • Each girl comes with her own unique looks, personality and background story.
  • Explore over 9 locations.
  • 360+ Uncensored Scenes.
  • Part business simulator and adult dating sim, mixed with visual novel-elements.

And, to top it all off, you can play both on a pc or a mobile device. If you're into hentai porn, the game will definitely tickle your fancy.

Hundreds of sex sequences to enjoy, Casting Agent is a porn game after all...

With hundreds of different scenes and animations coming from a bunch of unique girls, both in looks and personalities, you'll find yourself always looking for more. In total, the game offers over 360+ sex scenes.

casting agent adult game review

Casting Agent offers so much fun you'll sometimes forget it's a porn game, only to be positively surprised with teens and MILFs going crazy for you.


Casting Agent is one of those adult games that's probably appealing to a lot of casual gamers thanks to its straight forward to use interface and easy to learn gameplay elements. You don't need hardcore gamer skills to play and enjoy this naughty little title, which makes it highly appealing to a wide audience (pretty much anyone that enjoys naughty video games on his smart phone or tablet).

Overall, Casting Agent is just a ton of fun to play, and those spicy sex scenes just keeps sucking you back in, making you want to continue playing more and more, while the simulator-aspect and gameplay is interesting enough to keep you engaged for days. Time to discover the next famous pornstar and climb yourself all the way to to the top to become the best casting agent in the world.

Fun Factor
Sexy Characters
Sex Scenes & Visuals

Casting Agent is free to play and is available for both desktop PC's and mobile devices. Now go and show off your "casting" skills! I'd bet you've got an eye for beauty and discovering dirty girls...

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Oct 4, 2020

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