Redhead Instagram cosplayer Irina Meier's most sexy videogame cosplays

Redhead cosplayer Irina Meier's most sexy videogame cosplays (on Instagram)

Every now and then, a girl like Irina Meier shows up and blows everyone off their feet. Irina Meier is a breathtaking natural redhead from Ukraine which loves to cosplay all of her favorite videogame characters and the results are absolutely amazing... Not to mention - extremely sexy!

Who is the beautiful red vixen Irena Meier?

Born on January 12, 1997, as Irina Pirozhnikova, this Slavic babe garnered almost a million followers on Instagram with her looks and talent. In addition to being one of the hottest chicks on the planet, she is also a skilled girl who loves cosplay and photography.

lewd and sexy instagram videogame cosplay model irina meier

As a matter of fact, the vast majority of photos on her Instagram feed are nothing but the most beautiful and erotic cosplay pictures. Sounds like a pretty good reason to join @Irine_Meier on Instagram ASAP! Geeky, but with a mesmerizing beauty, topped off with her naughty personality (which fiery redheads are known for), and you'll end up with a real beauty queen such as Irena over here.

lewd and sexy instagram videogame cosplay model irina meier

Just to clear things up and prevent any confusion - in case you didn't already noticed, on most of her older social media handles, Irena is actually spelled as Irene. That being said, it's Irena, spelled with an A!

Her Instagram reveals how much of a beauty queen Irena truly is

Redhead Irina Meier does an incredible job at combining her gorgeous face and body with high-quality costumes to create an immaculate mix. Her body itself is a work of art. Apart from being a fiery redhead, Irina has the loveliest face you've ever seen. Cute and symmetric, she sports a pair of big, round, blue eyes and soft, luscious lips.

lewd and sexy instagram videogame cosplay model irina meier

When you manage to look away from that radiating beauty, you'll spot a body that is out of this world. Slim and fit yet curvaceous, she has perfect proportions. Big, round tits sit flawlessly on that slender frame with wide hips, giving her a seductive, voluptuous look.

In fact, Irina Meier is so freakin' beautiful that many wondered if she might have had any plastic surgery. Regarding of if she had any surgeries, that's quite the compliment. That being said, she looks all natural in my opinion.

Irina Meier Wiki & Measurements

  • Name: Irina Meier
  • Profession: Cosplayer & model
  • Career start: 2014
  • Age: 21 years
  • Birth Sign: Capricorn
  • Birthday: January 12, 1997
  • Place of Birth: Odessa, Ukraine
  • Height: 5'6" (170cm)
  • Cup: 90D-60-90 (US) 36D-24-36 (EU)

Irina Meier's arousing videogame cosplay photos are a must see

Naturally, as an avid cosplay and Dungeons and Dragons fan, in addition to being an impeccable cutie, all she needs is a bit of makeup to transform herself into anything she wishes. Her cosplaying adventure started way back when she was only 11 years old. Her love for PlayStation and video games simply pushed her towards cosplay harder, and nowadays that's how she makes a fine living. She moved to the USA in 2020 and has been traveling since, visiting dozens of states and a number of national parks.

With all that being said, it is that very cosplay that made her popular on the internet. She has almost a million followers for a good reason.

lewd and sexy instagram videogame cosplay model irina meier

Every photo of Irina is pure cosplaying and erotic art. Irina Meier does an amazing job at it, whether she goes for a popular character from a video game, movie, or a TV show or if she invents something herself. Some photos feature lots of authentic clothing where you can see the incredible attention to detail.

On the other hand, there are cosplay pictures where she is all but naked, barely covering up all the "good parts". She loves wearing the skimpiest lingerie or using nothing but her hands to cover the juiciest bits.

From hot Tifa Lockhart to sexy Cyberpunk & Triss Merigold (The Witcher) cosplays

One of her 'ordinary' cosplays features this redhead in a traditional Russian outfit. With a hat on her pretty head and a glass of vodka in her hand, she proudly puts her massive tits on display.

lewd and sexy instagram videogame cosplay model irina meier

A spotted bra is there to emphasize her cleavage and show just how thin her waist compared to her chest is. There are a couple of photos from this set where she really turns the heat to eleven.

Then, there are her more recent Cyberpunk videogame cosplays. She made a whole series of these where she puts on all sorts of futuristic clothes, from loose jackets to tight lingerie. Of course, makeup is there to bring those body enhancements to life. Of course, it's also worth mentioning there's a lot of exposed skin (read - cleavage) to be watched and enjoyed, exactly what you would expect from Irina Meier over here.

lewd and sexy instagram videogame cosplay model irina meier lara croft tifa lockhart

Cleavage always seems to be one of the main ingredients in Irena's stunning cosplay photoshoots, and well, considering her fantastic rack, that's something we're very pleased with, to say the least.

Got excited already? Here's a little sneak preview video of her Cyberpunk 2077 videogame cosplay content, which we've found on her Youtube channel.

In the end, being a redhead, it should come as no surprise she loves to dress up as famous fictional redheads.

One of her favorites is Triss from The Witcher. Whether it's a fancy, mystical dress, her beautiful face, or that mesmerizing figure, but every picture is a story on its own. But that's all far from everything as this gorgeous redhead is quite the busy bee when it comes down to her stunning cosplay works.

lewd and sexy instagram videogame cosplay model irina meier

We're not going to list all of her videogame-based cosplays, because that list has grown way too long these days, but of course you can expect Irina Meier steal the show while cosplaying all the popular game characters among the cosplay community.

lewd and sexy instagram videogame cosplay model irina meier as lara croft

Popular characters like Lara Croft, Bowsette, Mortal Kombat's very own Sonya Blade, Aela the Huntress, and many more. And as you would expect, Irina Meier always delivers, no matter what character she decides to cosplay next, and well, fair is fair, no matter how much cleavage she reveals (pretty much always a lot).

By the way, speaking of Lara Croft, the popular star from the Tomb Raider game series, for those that can't get enough of this busty video game babe, be sure to check out our featured list of Lara Croft adult films too. And since we're still rambling about busty beauties, boob-lovers will sure be loving our top 10 hottest busty Instagram cosplayers (with massive boobs) as well.

ten hottest busty instagram cosplayer babes with massive boobs top angie griffin

We must warn you up front though, better prepare yourself for an overdose of massive bouncing boobies! You'd better be a true titty-Jedi in order to handle this amount of juicy XXL melons on your screen. In fact, I dare you not to take out that lightsaber of yours out of your pants...

I double dare you! Double D's dare you... ;)

Irina can turn any character into arousing art too

Outside her love for videogames, it's obvious by watching her sexy and spicy cosplay photos on her social media channels, that she's quite the movie and comics geek too. This just keeps getting better and better, right? It almost sounds as if this Russian hottie might actually be the ultimate dream wife. One thing's for sure though, she's definitely the girl of my wet dreams, and I bet she's isn't just visiting me in my dreams late at night either, hihi.

lewd and sexy instagram videogame cosplay model irina meier bowsette sonya blade harley quinn

From Disney's Ariel (the mermaid) to Harry Potter's Slytherin and Harley Quinn, those are just a few examples of fictional characters that you'll stumble upon while scrolling through her Instagram wall.

In all fairness, if I had to choose between Margot Robbie or Irina Meier dressed up as Harley Quinn, i'd have to admit I'd probably go for a sleepover party with this horny redhead goddess right here. And that's saying a lot, because I assume we've all seen actress Margot Robbie's bare naked killer body in the 2013 movie "The Wolf of Wall Street", right?

celeb margot robbie strips topless and naked for wolf of wall street film

Follow Irina Meier on her social media accounts

Craving for more sexy cosplay entertainment starring this Russian ginger goddess? Start following Irina Meier on all her social media handles and never miss out on her latest cosplay works.

You can find all of Irina Meier's social media accounts below. Considering the high production value and the amount of hard work that clearly has been put into her cosplay works, you might want to consider sponsoring this babe on her Patreon account. This will also give you access to even more exclusive content, and yes, also some even more spicy content.

April 18, 2021

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