Mega Cheril Perils - a modern nude platformer (for the retro Sega Megadrive)

Mega Cheril Perils - a modern nude platformer (for the retro Sega Megadrive)

The good old days of 16 bit platformer games, who doesn't treasure those memories of playing Sonic The Hegdgehog or Super Mario, back in the day? If someone would have told me back in those days, that in the year 2016 developers would still be coding new titles for the (now) retro Sega Megadrive (aka Sega Genesis) console, I probably wouldn't believed it.

Well, it sure is true, all thanks to the talented homebrew videogame developers known as The Mojon Twins.

mega cheril perils lewd nude modern retro platform sega megadrive game for adults

Before you read the words "homebrew" and immediatly think of all those hundreds of simple rom hacks out there on the internet, Mega Cheril Perils sure ain't one of those cheap and immature rom hacks in which Super Mario got replaced by a penis, or what about the Wolfenstein 3D porn mods, or anything like that...

Nah, this game is a full-blown and full-length lewd Sega Genesis game and was build from scratch and released free of charge. How awesome is that?

Who is ready to check out Mega Cheril Perils, a lewd Sega Megadrive platform game starring a bare naked female protagonist?

mega cheril perils lewd nude modern retro platform sega megadrive game for adults cover

I sure hope you are because we're about to dive balls deep a little deeper into this fun and naughty 16-bit lewd platformer (which can be played entirely for free).

A 2016 lewd platformer game for the 16-bit Sega console?

After all the fuss about this naughty little retro title, we got curious and decided to dive right in and start playing.

For this review we've downloaded the free ROM and used the Fusion Sega emulator to boot it up. Right after I started the ROM and selected "start playing" on the title screen, I got greeted with a little back story. I decided to skip the introduction part as I wanted to start playing right away!

Well, you know how it goes with "us" (gamers), sometimes we simply can't wait to start playing, while I should've payed a bit more attention to the intro screen which tells the back story of Mega Cheril Perils, because I missed some clues and thus, I wasn't exactly playing the game the "right way".

Basically, I started running through the first level, move from one screen to the next as fast as possible, oh yes, that's right, Mega Cheril Perils isn't a true sidescroller, instead, it uses the old school approach in which you move from one screen to the next wherever there's an opening on the left, right, bottom or top side of the screen. Anyway, once I reached the top I knew I had f*cked up and I needed to do a little backtracking in order to finish the level.

However, because I skipped the intro, I wasn't entirely sure if I needed to jump on top of all the "resonator devices" to activate them once, or if I had to clean up the entire level by killing off each and every single one of the enemies instead, in order to progress to the next level... So I decided to try both.

mega cheril perils lewd nude modern retro platform sega megadrive game for adults

As it turned out, we indeed needed to do both because the only way to kill enemies in this game is to jump on their heads (like in most retro platform games), but only after activating the resonator device in that same room first, which will give you 10 seconds to do so. While the timer starts counting, the game also turns to black and white mode.

That being said, all of the questions I had during the first level could've been avoided by just reading the intro text during the beginning of the game. So let's go one step back and check out the intro sequence, shall we?

The Game's Story and Objective

Once the intro screen starts playing we'll be introduced to the story of the Mega Cheril Perils game. As it turns out - our bare naked female protagonist named Cheril was no longer feeling happy living in "Ye Olde Forest far way" and pretty tired of all the local monkeys and "shrooms" out there. Meaning, there simply was only one thing left to do for our 16-bit unclothed female heroine, and that's packing up all of her belonging and leaving the forest to take a trip down to the big city for some good old fashioned adventure time.

mega cheril perils lewd nude modern retro platform sega megadrive game for adults storyline

Upon arrival, Cheril quickly noticed something's wrong with this place. It reminded her of the scenery of the very first Walking Dead TV show episode in which we get to watch Rick Grimes riding a horse as he enters an entirely empty city, or at least, what appears to be an abandoned city at first, only to discover it is filled with zombies.

Next up, we are greeted with Cheril's nude 16-bit booty appearing on our screen for no reason whatsoever. We also never really get an explanation on why Cheril leaves the forest without any clothes on, but we also don't really care for the reason behind that, to be honest... I mean, what's wrong with a bit of nude gaming? That's right - nothing! Besides that, don't we all enjoy some nudist adventure time every once and a while?

mega cheril perils lewd nude modern retro platform sega megadrive game for adults storyline  butt naked

The only thing Cheril did notice was a dark and evil growling sound. And similar to the famous Walking Dead scene, Cheril also soon discovers something terrible has happened to the city as all the local folks somehow have turned into monsters, zombies, ghosts and all sorts of other pixelated creepy crawlers.

And here's the important part that I've missed during my first (and previous) gameplay - and I quote the skeleton-man from the intro screen - "You won't be able to go until you dispose of every ugly being 'ere'.". Fair enough, the main objective is to simply kill all the enemies in each level to move on to the next.

The skeleton guy then continues to explain exactly how to kill enemies, as I quote again - "Those odd contraptions will pause them for a while! Use them wisely and jump over their heads". Plain and simple, and pretty much as old school as it gets in terms of a platformer from the good old 90's.

mega cheril perils lewd nude modern retro platform sega megadrive game for adults

Let that be a reminder boys and girls, never skip the intro sequence or storyline at the beginning of a game, as you'd might be missing out on some important hints. ;)

It ain't easy being sleazy Cheril

Even though the gameplay and objective is as barebones as it gets, it's still an entertaining little platformer. You'll get to control Cheril while you navigate through all rooms by walking left, right, up or down, and jump from moving platform to moving platform or push a few boxes every once and a while in order to activate the resonator device, which will grant you with 10 seconds to defeat all the enemies by jumping on top of their heads. Nothing that fancy, just the average platform game mechanics.

Once I've managed to get rid of all enemies in the very first level, something odd occurred on my computer screen as all of the sudden, Cheril started to fly all the way up to heaven while spreading her legs wide open, and yes, all while still showing off her "Eve-costume", before the game finally teleported me to the next level... GREAT!

Why? We are not sure. It sure caught me by surprise, lol. Oh well... Spread legs, it is, I guess. Gotta love those naughty homebrew games, right?

In a nutshell, that's all there is to the platforming part. Pretty basic, and really old school. And while that may sound simple and easy, the game's difficulty sure isn't all that simple. In fact, I already lost all my lives in the second level during my first attempt playing this 2016 Sega Megadrive game for adults. I guess it ain't easy being sleazy, but it sure ain't easy being Cheril either. The fact that she's naked probably makes her even more vulnerable to all the enemies (and trust me, there's going to be quite a few of those appearing really fast).

The gameplay is simple, but the controls are really tight, unlike many other retro platform games from back in the day, especially those 90's SNES and MS-DOS side-scrollers could get quite frustrating at times due to their poor controls. That's definitely not the case with Mega Cheril Perils over here. Also, the sprites and especially the pixel art during the story between the levels are really well done and likely a must watch for fans of pixel porn (or more like nudity, in today's case).

mega cheril perils lewd nude modern retro platform sega megadrive game for adults

Overall, the game looks very cutesy thanks to its pixel-art and also is pretty fun to play, even though, the game becomes quite difficult pretty fast, so there's a challenge for ya! The game also really nails that old-school retro platformer vibe pretty well. Not that strange really, considering it was developed to run on actual Sega Megadrive hardware, quite an impressive job done by the homebrew developers known on the internet as "The Mojon Twins".

The history of the Mega Cherils Perils lewd retro games

There's actually more to the story of this particular homebrew lewd game. You see, this wasn't the first game the Mojon Twins had developed. As it turns out - this one right here is actually a remake of an earlier homebrew videogame these brothers had developed for yet another old school gaming console - the ZX Spectrum.

Speaking of which, here's our list of some of the most kinky adult games for the ZX Spectrum hardware, in case you are interested in more old school adult videogames.

This story all started back in 2010, when the two twin brothers released their own ZX Spectrum game called "Cheril the Goddess", which turned out to become the 8-bit predecessor to their Sega Megadrive remake they would release in 2016.

mega cheril perils lewd nude modern retro platform sega megadrive game for adults zx spectrum

Screenshot of the 2012 ZX version of the game can be seen above.

The story of the Mojon Twins and their own Cherils Perils franchise also doesn't stop here. One year after the Megadrive port of the game, they also build and released a sequel of their game for the old school 8-bit Nintendo (famicom) gaming console, with the title "Cheril in the cave". Quickly after, the Mojon Twins released a remake of their Sega Megadrive version for the NES called "Cheril Perils Classic" (2018).

From left to right, or top to bottom on mobile - the Cheril ZX Spectrum begin screen (2012), followed by the start screen of the Sega Megadrive/Genesis (2016) and the Nintendo (Famicom) remake of the Cheril game called "Cheril Perils Classic" (2018).

While all 3 titles might share the same protagonist, there's one major difference between the three Cheril titles... And that's the nudity!

We don't know why, but for some reason, we only get to play as the naked version of Cheril in the 16-bit version of their game. For example, in the NES release (Cheril The Goddess), she can be seen only wearing a tiny pink bikini.

mega cheril perils lewd nude modern retro platform sega megadrive game for adults nes version cheril in bikini

Sure, Cheril might still be flaunting a lot of skin on the NES, but she isn't quite stripped down fully naked like in the 16-bit alternative for the Sega Megadrive.

Which also explains why we decided to review the Sega Genesis version of the game today instead of the two 8-bit releases, hihi. ;)

The naughty games by homebrew game developers - the Mojon Twins

The Mojon Twins haven't been sitting still after their Cheril homebrew games, as they even developed and released "Mojon Twins Gran Sabiduría: 31 in 1 Real Games" in 2017, a NES game cartridge featuring 31 short games (mainly demo's and prototypes). The best part is that most of those small games included on the cartridge don't shy away from showing plenty of nudity, woohoo! It also included two additional NES games starring the heroine Cheril (Cheril Begins & Cheril the Nin).

mega cheril perils lewd nude modern retro platform sega megadrive game for adults  in  cartridge mojontwins

The type of cartridge old school gamers and pixel porn fans will be entertained with for many hours! With 31 mini adult games for the player to enjoy, it's a bit too much to go into detail for this Cheril Perils review, but we'll definitely be checking out and reviewing that spicy 31-in-1 adult games NES cartridge by the Mojon Twins in the near future!

Open Source

The developers released their naughty little 16-bit platformer for free as a downloadable Sega Megadrive ROM, which can easily be played using one of the many free Sega Emulators out on the web.

Not only did they decide to share their pixel nudity with the rest of the world free of charge, the Mojon Twins even released the entire source code of the game onto their Github account. In other words - if you got some knowledge of 16-bit game programming, you even have the option to build your own little mods for the game.

Cheril on an actual Sega Megadrive cartridge? (collectors item)

All of that being said, while it sure is fun to play a Sega game on your PC using an emulator, however, nothing beats playing a retro game on the actual retro hardware, in other words - playing Mega Cherils Perils on an actual Sega Megadrive console. And guess what? That's totally possible!

You can order physical copies on various cartridges on the official Mojon Twins website. While it's not just a fun game to play, owning such a spicy (unofficial) Sega game on an actual cartridge, complete with box and all, makes it quite the collectors item and something cool to show off with your buddies. I mean, it has titties on the box-art... "Hard" to beat that, right?

On top of that, you'll also be donating to the developers (which they sure deserve, considering the amount of time that went into developing a game like this).

mega cheril perils lewd nude modern retro platform sega megadrive game for adults nude gaming

Just looking to play the free ROM on your PC instead? You can download Mega Cheril Perils here. You'll also be needing an emulator app for your PC to launch the rom. We recommend the freeware Sega Megadrive emulator called Fusion, which you can grab here (from

Final Conclusion

Fun Factor
Sexy Characters
Sex Scenes & Visuals

One final recommendation - If you got a soft spot for these type of lewd and NSFW pixel-art platformers, you'll be loving this pixel porn side-scroller game called Lewd Leaf Land (available at Nutaku).

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Play Lewd Leaf Land ($4.20)

Speaking of kinky platformer games, if you are still craving for more, be sure to check out our list of the 10 best hentai platform games as well.

But for now, have fun playing this freeware Sega Megadrive game by the Mojon Twins!

Play Mega Cheril Perils
June 11, 2021

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