The forbidden erotic 8-bit Nintendo (NES) games

The forbidden erotic 8-bit Nintendo (NES) games

Adult entertainment and boobies on a 8-bit video game console? You've heard that right! Today we'll have a close look at the video games available on the good old NES (Famicom) which Nintendo doesn't want you to see, nor play. Pixel porn, coming up!

Not so family-friendly entertainment on the original NES console?

Many gamers only know Nintendo for its classic game title like Super Mario Bros, all the Pokémon games, and let's not forget about the epic Zelda titles. What do these games all have in common? They don't contain any adult content, both in terms of nudity and in terms of blood, guts or extreme violence. Nope, ever since the first Nintendo console hit the market in 1983 in Japan and two years later in the US, their games have always been aiming to be as family-friendly as possible.

Nintendo claims to provide family-friendly videos games and for the most part, they live up to their claims, but is that truly the case? The old NES had several games that perhaps did not fit the whole family-friendly pretense. Seems like some "forbidden" game titles managed to slip through the cracks, or they simply got released illegally without Nintendo's consent.

List of erotic NES video games

Curious to learn more about these kinky adult NES titles? That's what I thought, therefore, here is a list of such games released on the good old Nintendo Entertainment System (from old to new).

  • Lipstick series (1988)
  • Honey Peach (1990)
  • Wild Ball (1991)
  • Bubble Bath Babes (1991)
  • Peek-A-Boo Poker (1991)
  • Hot Slot (1991)

Let's dive a little deeper into these naughty 8-bit games, shall we? And of course, we've added screenshots of all the pixel porn as well!

Lipstick #1 - Lolita Hen

The oldest on our list, being released in the year 1988, and only in Japan, Lipstick #1 Lolita Hen is one amongst the very few adult games released in the 80s, an era in which porn games weren't a really a big thing yet. And well, I wouldn't even go as far as calling this a real "porn game", since it pretty much only features two lewd pictures (or puzzles to solve).

the forbidden erotic bit nintendo nes games lipstick series all

The game incorporates a simple concept - sliding box puzzles. The puzzle portrays a sexually suggestive image of a naked babe. However, since the image is unorganized, the player must arrange the tiles accordingly. Doing so, allows the player to get rewarded with the entire "uncensored" image of the character.

the forbidden erotic bit nintendo nes games lipstick series all

Multiple sequels in the Lipstick series got released. All with the exact same gameplay and engine, just replacing the image of the puzzle. The screenshot above features one puzzle of all the five titles in the Lipstick-games series.

  • Lipstick #1 - Lolita Hen
  • Lipstick #2 - Joshi Gakusei Hen
  • Lipstick #3 - Ol Hen
  • Lipstick #4 - Hakui no Tenshi Hen
  • Lipstick #5 - Stewardess Hen

Honey Peach

Always had this wild wet dream of playing rock-paper-scissors against a bunch of hot and horny girls? Me neither. But it's totally possible, thanks to the Famicom game from 1990 - Honey Peach. Honey Peach incorporates a simple yet effective, old school game concept — rock-paper-scissors, but wait for the twist to come!

the forbidden erotic bit nintendo nes games honey peach

The player is set up against different female individuals. You think you're enough of a hardcore gamer to be able to defeat these lovely pixelated ladies? Don't forget, there's a lot at stake... And by that, I mean - titties! The player is required to defeat all of his opponents, each in a set of three rounds.

Moreover, the first to reach two winning hands claims victory in that round. Having secured several rounds, the game rewards the player with a picture of his female opponent losing more and more clothing with each set won.

the forbidden erotic bit nintendo nes games honey peach

However, if the player loses the round, nothing will be shown unless the player bet their underwear.

Sure, we've all heard about strip poker games, but a strip version of rock-paper-scissors? That's something completely else, I'll give 'em that. If the player loses three rounds, they will be shown a nude picture of themselves, thus, ending the game. The gameplay has three buttons mapped to each option for play. As the hands begin to rapidly switch, the player will be prompted to press the corresponding button, at the right time.

Wild Ball

After playing Honey Peach, and you're still in the mood for more scissoring action? Lucky you, as we've discovered yet another rock-paper-scissors game for the 8-bit Nintendo called - Wild Ball, which is yet another unofficial NES game. This one was developed by Taiwanese game programmer Hwang Shinwei and published by RCM Co in 1991.

Wild Ball is really similar to Honey Peach in terms of game mechanics, however, this adult game features only a single opponent, which once again, strips bare naked on your television screen. Well, only if you win multiple rounds at an "exciting game" of rock-paper-scissors of course.

Because of the fact this game was being distributed without an actual license being granted from Nintendo, a lawsuit would follow a few years later.

Bubble Bath Babes

Bubble Bath Babes — Tetris but with a pinch of adult content, was released in 1991 by C&E Studios. Published for Asian consumers only, the game was made available through a mail-order by Panesian.

the forbidden erotic bit nintendo nes games bubble bath babes

The gameplay revolves around a naked woman bathing at the lower end of the screen, sending up bubbles of different colors. Similar to other falling block puzzle games or often also referred to as tile-matching games, the player will be piling up bubbles of the same color, arranging them, and having them disappear. If you last long enough, you will proceed to the next level.

the forbidden erotic bit nintendo nes games bubble bath babes

The game comes with two modes; one with power-ups and faster gameplay, while the other one is the base game mode. By clearing each stage, you unlock some softcore erotic "scenes" (slightly animated stills), with a "reward" after completing each mode. Bubble Bath Babes allows two players to play simultaneously. This game probably offers the best gameplay of all the titles listed in this article.

Peek-A-Boo Poker

Among the few adult games for the NES, Peek-A-Boo Poker, or Poker Wizard, was released in 1991 as one of three porno-games by Palesian. Like Bubble Bath Babes, the game had limited sales due to the supposedly controversial content. The gameplay, as the title may suggest, revolves around strip poker, which became quite a popular type of gameplay in the adult video game market (especially on PC).

the forbidden erotic bit nintendo nes games peek a boo poker

The rules are simple, play the average five-card poker with options such as changing, calling, and dropping, depending on the bets placed. The game offers a lineup of three girls to play with, namely Full House Francine, Double Dealing Debbie, and Pok-er Penny.

the forbidden erotic bit nintendo nes games peek a boo poker

After winning a specific amount of money and your lusty opponents are all out of cash, the girls will begin to bet their clothing. If you continue to win, you will be the new owner of those clothes as well, and you know what that means, right? Pixel erotica on your television screen, woohoo!

Hot Slot

An old-school slot machine simulating video game, Hot Slot was developed by Idea-Tek. This game was the third and final adult NES game published by Palesian, again in 1991.

When starting a game, the player is prompted with picking one of three slot machines: Cutie Bunny, Juicy Fruits, and Las Vegas. Each slot machine has its own distinct female character, machine design, and music score. The machines use token coins called medallions to roll the slots. Moreover, the player can switch between other machines as well.

the forbidden erotic bit nintendo nes games hot slot

So, what makes the game adult-oriented? Hot Slots rewards players by showing sexually explicit imagery following each win. As priorly mentioned, each slot machine has its designated hostess. The hostess appears at different intervals, particularly after winning a certain amount. Netting a profit of $210 shows an animated image of the character, while at $300, she loses some clothing. Essentially, at $450, she goes completely nude.

Fan of adult slots? Check out our recent article on the best free to play porn slots to discover some of the best modern slot machine games which feature kinky visuals and an erotic storyline.

free to play erotic porn slots machine games slot bitches

By the way, if you thought Nintendo was the only company that doesn't like porn being distributed on their video gaming console(s), think again, as Sony and their beloved Playstation-series aren't much of a fan of explicit nudity in their video game releases as well. If you're interested, we've published an article on pornographic Playstation 2 games earlier.

Nov 4, 2020

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