Brazzers - The Game (Adult Game Review)

Brazzers - The Game (Adult Game Review)

For any avid porn fan, the name Brazzers will definitely ring a bell, since they are one of those few true kings of the porn industry. Chances are highly likely that you haven’t heard of this premium porn site before, especially since they've been around for over 15 years and have been entertaining us with some of the best adult films you'll find online.

The adult film studio Brazzers started as a Canadian production company in 2005 and very soon it became successful worldwide, with a name that people connect to the most quality porn there is and starring some of the most famous starlets in the adult business. With more than 10000 videos and 2000 pornstars, they are matching diverse people’s needs. And their content is always served with style, so it is not strange these guys have loyal fans "coming" from all around the world to watch their top notch scenes.

brazzers the game adult game review studio

They are constantly at the top of their game as they offer many treats for their fans, such as exclusive pornstar videos or original series. They are always innovative and this time, we have a new desert straight from their kitchen. And with it, they sure bring porn to a much higher level than ever.

That's right, look who's entering the world of adult gaming? Brazzers, that is!

brazzers the game adult game review studio

Actually, it kinda surprises me to see that we had to wait so many years for Brazzers to finally release an official porn game. Especially since they seem to be quite the gamer-fanatics themselves as well, just by looking at the many video game porn parodies they've released over the years, including - Super Mario porn parodies, Metal Gear Solid, Overwatch, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and even Street Fighter porn movies and Mortal Kombat porn parodies.

Now that "it" has finally arrived, let's check it out, shall we?

Brazzers - The Game? So what have they been cooking?

brazzers the game adult game review

We are talking about Brazzers The Game. It is a simple title, but it indicates endless fun. Everyone enjoys watching porn and exploring new stars or sticking with the classics. But people are always curious about what happens behind the camera and how the movies are made.

Everybody wanted at some point to become a producer and make their own dirty videos, but also get in a directorial chair and orchestrate the pornstars and the whole team. This game puts you in that chair and lets you become the ultimate creator.

brazzers the game adult game review

You can finally have your studio and make your personalized porn with the most professional team. It is no longer enjoying watching porn but creating it. This game puts a fun but tough task of making a Brazzers porn video. And this is a realistic game, it is not one of those click-until-the-girl-cums kind of games you can find online. This is the real deal, with real pornstars and tasks for the player to complete.

As a player, you'll get to join the Brazzers production team and learn exactly how it really is done... learning the fine art of cooking up some real steamy adult films. Are you going to be the next most wanted porn director?

Run your own adult film studio [Game Objective]

You are the lucky chosen one (lucky bastard, that you are) who got invited to the Brazzers studio, where you will make your debut. And it is not a simple task. You need to make a film that meets the company’s standards and also you get a chance to make a big name for yourself.

Everything is customizable, so before you start the shootings, you can design the set and choose the gear, tools, scenery and other accessories. You need to plan everything so you can get the right equipment before the stars arrive.

brazzers the game adult game review

And the stars are Brazzers’ popular names like Abella Danger, Phoenix Marie, Cherie DeVille, Monique Alexander or Gina Valentina. There are also classic male stars like Johnny Sins or Keiran Lee, among others.

It means that you get to work with the most wanted actors and they have some expectations. Choose the right set for them and make sure they are satisfied. When they arrive, you can customize their looks by dressing them up as you like or having them naked from the start. But make sure to keep them content as they will work better when they are most satisfied.

brazzers the game adult game review

Make sure to put them in the right mood and take care of their needs. Keep track of their energy, lust and happiness. The more you cast the stars, the more experienced they get. And with more experience, you unlock new categories and expand your business. That way, you can get some spicy rewards and unlock some juicy content.

Additional content and steaming hot unlockable videos

The more you play the more hidden features will be unlocked. You will gather more rewards and money to upgrade the costumes or equipment.

brazzers the game adult game review

As your stars progress, so does your studio. The guys at Brazzers have always been so careful and thoughtful to their most loyal fans. There was always exclusive content that is available to the followers. This game also brings you real photos and videos of your favorite stars. There are recorded POV videos of all the stars from the game, and you get to enjoy them.

There is an album in which you can store them and revisit them later. These are delicious videos of the models in the most inappropriate scenes. And most of them are only available in the game, so you get to enjoy videos or pics exclusive to the players only.

Of course, all that is in high resolution and has that great quality which the Brazzers production studio is known for. Through the game, you can also gain access to Brazzers premium content. There will be limited events which can also bring you interesting rewards if you attend them.

brazzers the game adult game review unlockab porn videos

Every time you come back to the game, there might be new options and things you can explore. And with 10 actresses there are so many scenes you can enjoy.

Which pornstars are featured in Brazzers - The Game?

Curious if your favorite naughty girl in the adult film industry is featured in this adult game? Here's the list of pornstars you'll find in Brazzers - The Game.

  • Carolina Sweets
  • Cherie DeVille
  • Gina Valentina
  • Abella Danger
  • Monique Alexander
  • Phoenix Marie
  • Katrina Jade
  • Nicolette Shea

But wait, there's more! There are two more unlockable pornstars within this game, which we won't spoil for ya. Go ahead and find out yourself by simply starting to play Brazzers - The Game.

All in all [Summary]

This game is a strategy and business simulator game for adults, but it also leaves you room to explore a lot and see what you might find. The more you play it, the more you learn about the world of porn and all its secrets, which is one of the main reasons this game is such fun to play.

Let's be honest here, aren't we all a bit curious about what's happening behind closed doors during a porn shoot?

brazzers the game adult game review

We have been waiting long for a game like this one, where you get to do the real stuff. You truly make a porn video with the most exquisite actresses and you need to work hard to make it good. The plotline is great and it tempts you to play all day long as you get the spicy rewards, that is, videos and sex photos you can find nowhere else. And you can finally learn what it takes to become a good producer and how it gets to be tough sometimes, but always fun.

Brazzers once again proved why it takes the top spot in this industry and we can’t wait to see other dishes from their kitchen! Maybe a full-blown 3D porn game starring the hottest pornstars in the business next time? Who knows, right?

But for now, have fun playing and exploring the porn business simulator game by Brazzers.

brazzers the game adult game review

Oh, did we already mentioned this adult game is entirely free to play? The Brazzers game is available on both desktop PC (directly inside your browser) and as a free app for Android devices.

Fun Factor
Sexy Characters
Sex Scenes & Visuals

Enter the world of the adult film industry in the brand new game by the famous and legendary adult film studio - Brazzers! Curious about more porn business simulator games? Click the link to check out our full list.

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Jan 20, 2021

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